Roberto Ordóñez: “In Barcelona they didn’t want me because of my age”

He is 37 years old and life had marked him the destiny of playing the final of LigaPro 2022, either with Aucas or Barcelona. Yes, with either of the two jerseys, since he was in negotiations to sign with Fabián Bustos’ squad, but they told him no because of his age. Today, Roberto Ordóñez talks about everything with EXPRESO, from the spiritual to that curious chapter with the bullfighters.

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Do you feel that you are 90 minutes away from being champion again?

I am happy because I know that God is going to reveal himself to us in a supernatural way. He is going to allow us to glorify his name with our fans and with more than half the country supporting us.

More than half the country? But it is said that Barcelona is half plus one.

Yes, more than half the country. Even the Barcelona fans support us and tell us that they belong to the Idol, but they want us to be champions, they tell me that it is for me, for Aucas and for everything we have been doing. I am sure that it is more than half the country that is with us.

Barcelona fans with the Tuka?

There are positive people. This is the beautiful thing about football, that it unites everyone. But this is what God does, to receive the affection and love of other fans throughout the year.

You could well have played in the Barcelona 17 shirt in this final.

That’s true, in 2021 I spoke with Professor Fabián Bustos, but many people did not like me because of my age (36 years old at the time), but this is football, today I wear the Aucas shirt and the shirt I wear I defend it 100% with a lot of loyalty.

Was age the only barrier?

Correct, they said that in soccer, yes, but because of my age, no. What I knew is that Fabián (Bustos) wanted to unite the duo with Carlos Garcés, who gave him many things in Delfín, but it did not happen. We talked a lot, but the possibility did not arise and then the Aucas thing happened, where I feel comfortable.

What is the best thing that has happened to Ordóñez in the second stage?

God has placed his grace on me. That’s the cutest. I am the messenger or carrier of Him for this team, which is really a family. And having met César Farías, who is a coach who has allowed Ordóñez to be reborn in football.

In Guayaquil the tie was good, but they took the three points.

Sorry, but I correct you: we did not go for the tie, we came to look for the match, to win. The goal was win or nothing. That’s why we went out to play, we never burned time, we did everything quickly. In Quito it will be the same, we are not going to give anything away.

In 2019 you were champion and now you are 90 minutes away from repeating it. Is there something you didn’t do with Delfin that you want to do with Aucas?

Now God, in 2022, has put me to bless, pray for this team and I am fulfilling what He has entrusted to me. If God left me here it is for a purpose that is to magnify the Creator.

And go from the anxiety of the first stage, when they didn’t want him on the team, to being a key player.

I confess that in the first stage I cried with my wife for everything that was happening. She had debts, and I wanted to retire from soccer, but she told me that God do her work, she asked me not to leave soccer and look what has happened. We have united the group.

From tears to happiness.

I heard a few words from Luis Cangá, who said that he had given so much in Delfin and felt underpaid, he arrived in Ecuador sad and now he saw joy in Aucas and expressed that after difficult times there are also good ones and that is real. In my case, I had many people against me, but now we are about to achieve our goal.

What do you have prepared for Sunday?

I haven’t really thought about anything, what I do want to do is be able to shout that we are champions, thank God, hug everyone, celebrate. You can imagine that Aucas has never been champion and we achieve it, that would be incredible, but there are 90 minutes left against a great team that is Barcelona. And if we are champions, I want to give a message of thanks to God, I do have that in my heart and that is what I dream of the most, I want to be a champion, that is the only thing on my mind.


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Roberto Ordóñez: “In Barcelona they didn’t want me because of my age”