S1mple is proclaimed the best player of the decade

Oleksandr Kostyliev «simple«, a Natus Vincere player, is for many fans the best player in history. Taking into account this existing debate, ESL has organized an award for the “best player of the decade” (from 2012 to this 2022) and the ukrainian has emerged victorious. The tournament organizer has proclaimed s1mple as the best player of the decade ahead of Nicolai Reedtz «dev1ce«, the other great candidate for the title.

S1mple has received the award before the semifinals of the Major from Rio de Janeiro, which have concluded with victories for Outsiders and Heroic, and has been open about how much Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) means. «I just want to play, play and play. When I see more fans and different fans, I am more excited, that’s why I play. I love you, thank you!“, declared the star of Natus Vincere. In addition, the Ukrainian joked that he started playing CS:GO because he was suspended from another video game for cheating.

The award, which ESL awarded for factors such as longevity, performance and influence, had a clear debate between s1mple and dev1ce. In the first case, many followers of CS:GO they supported the Ukrainian for having the highest individual performance of the players. The Ukrainian was proclaimed in 2018 and 2021 as the best player in the world, being second between 2019 and 2020, only behind Matheu Herbaut «ZywOo». The Natus Vincere star is the player with the most HLTV MVP awards (21).

On the other hand, with the Dane, another large part of the fans defended the AWPer. Mainly for being the best player for Astralis, the club with the most Majors of history and with the greatest period of domination. Although he has not won the award for the best player in the world, he is together with Marcelo David «coldzera» the player with the most MVP awards of a Major. For all that his career has meant, the s1mple himself has publicly praised Reedtz: «I still believe that there is a player who deserves this award as much as I do: dev1ce. I will try to do my best to achieve the same results as him. There is no limit to perfection.”

S1mple officially kicked off her career in early 2014, at just 17 years old. The Ukrainian has gone through different clubs such as HellRaisers, FlipSid3 Tactics or Team Liquid. However, the rise and consolidation of the player has come in Natus Vincere. The AWPer He signed for the Ukrainian club from Liquid and has managed to win all his important titles there: the Major of Stockholm, the ESL Pro Leaguethe BLAST Premier: World Finalthe Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) of Cologne and Katowice, etc.

Nevertheless, the Major de Rio de Janeiro has not been the best tournament for s1mple. Natus Vincere has fallen in the quarterfinals against FURY Esports down 1-2. The series was marked in part by the ‘discretion’ of the star, who did not have his supernatural performance as usual. The Ukrainian organization has closed the year without any Major after falling in Brazil and being runner-up in Antwerp. At the moment the only title of the club in this 2022 is the BLAST Premier: Spring Final which they won against Team Vitality 2-0.

S1mple is proclaimed the best player of the decade – CS:GO