San Patrignano. Over the weekend in Florence, the installation signed by Bonciani and created by the boys.

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SAN PATRIGNANO (RN). The commitment of the boys of the San Patrignano community, led by the young architect Cosimo Bonciani,
landed at ‘Handicraft and Palace to Florence.
The important review, scheduled from 16 to 18 September to the ggarden Corsini, brings to attention the value of craftsmanship as an opportunity for social redemption and does so by welcoming, even in this XXVIII editionsome artisan cooperatives with a social value which, through training courses, help people in difficulty to reintegrate into the community.

Manual work has a social function because it connects people to society, integrates individuals with different backgrounds and, in this sense, can contribute to the rebirth of those who have been marginalized – explain the organizers Sabina Corsinie Neri Torrigiani-.
Therefore, the shops – places that have always been based on sociability and a reference point for a territory where one can rediscover one’s identity – are well suited to creating employment opportunities for isolated and difficult people, thanks to the different nature of the many activities“.

This includes the installation ‘The hug‘ from Cosimo Bonciani – with sstudy Cosimo Bonciani & Partners – made by Cabinet making workshop of San Patrignano Design Labwith the support of SCM Group and of RENNER Italy, at the loggia of Buontalenti from building Corsini and visible in the days of the exhibition. A wooden intertwining that wraps the portico in an ideal embrace in which stories and experiences converge united by the love for craftsmanship and where the pietra serena columns represent the older members of the group, ready to support their new companions. adventure.
We have taken up the challenge of ‘CRAFTS AND PALACE– explains Cosimo Boncianiand produced an installation idea for the loggia of Buontalenti starting from the joint
of single axes matching each other, like pieces of a mosaic, each with a different dimension and ‘personality’, but united by a single color, the blue of the sky, to indicate the supernatural strength that men can have , united in difference but with a common purpose, just as happens in a community “.

By fitting together the boards become self-supporting, as are the people of San Patrignano who become aware of their own strength through the ritual work done together with others, becoming self-sufficient. “Thus even the most complex personalities – represented by the axes that protrude from the boundaries of the Lodge itself – have their own role in the intertwining and become fundamental parts of the whole structure.“, he claims Sandro Pieri responsible Design Lab San Patrignano.
The boards that make up the work will then be transformed into design products to take on new life in a concept of reuse and recycling.

The workshops SAN PATRIGNANO DESIGN LAB – invited for years to exhibit at the garden Corsini – today there are about 200 young people in recovery and the organizational model
of the activities is inspired by strategic social design, focused on the enhancement of individual creativity.

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San Patrignano. Over the weekend in Florence, the installation signed by Bonciani and created by the boys.