Schedule of openings for the week of January 12

Schedule of openings for the week of January 12

Discover the selection of openings and exhibitions not to be missed this week!

Beyond the river and under the trees » : a Nature populated by spirits

Borrowing its title from a novel by Ernest Hemingway, this collective exhibition brings together for the first time three French artists: Cécile Beau, Fabrice Cazenave and Ellande Jaureberry. Presenting hybrid figures, the exhibition blurs the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural, mixing the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms in an imaginary world. The opportunity to question the contemporary expression of animism and shamanism, which are resurfacing in Western lifestyles.

Location : The 22.48m2Paris XXth
Exhibition Dates : from January 12 to 25, 2023
Opening : Thursday 12 January, from 6 p.m.

The imaginary country of Zahra Zeinali

After training at the House of Photography in Tehran, Iranian artist Zahra Zeinali moved to France in 2012. This painting exhibition bears witness to her experience as an immigrant, the confrontation between innocence and hope with a hostile and enigmatic universe. Reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, the multiple representations of dolls, the real leitmotif of the exhibition, evolve in atmospheres that are sometimes playful and colorful, sometimes dark and disturbing.

Location : Gallery Claire CorciaParis III
Exhibition Dates : from March 12 to 6, 2023
Opening : Thursday January 12 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Breaking the Codes” : The revolution will be feminist or no will be

Presented by Mayoral, this collective exhibition proposes a dialogue between four female artists: Mari Chordà, Ángela Garcia Codoñer, Isabel Oliver and Eulàlia Grau. Each of them sought to reinvent the spaces of representation of women in Spain in the 1960s and 70s. Pioneers and actors of the Spanish pop movement, they resisted the authoritarian regime of Franco, denouncing the practices and violence of patriarchy, rejecting stereotyped representations and the subordinate roles assigned to women.

Location : Mayoral GalleryParis VIII
Exhibition Dates
: from January 12 to March 18, 2023

David Nash’s forest of abstractions

The exhibition presents a recent selection of the creations of David Nash, British sculptor and draftsman. Guided by the shapes suggested by the trees, sculptures and prints establish a dialogue with a plant world whose minimal representation borders on abstraction. Enhanced by primary colors and bright tints, all of the works show a melodious and surreal Nature.

Location : Lelong & Co GalleryParis VIII
Exhibition Dates : from January 12 to March 4

“Stay in character” : paintings and emotions of Bai Yiyi

On the occasion of her first exhibition in France, the Chinese artist Bai Yiyi presents abstract paintings where multiple feelings, different identity information and several characters with vaporous contours intertwine. Inside a single image, the artist attempts to capture the diversity and complexity of the crowds, by shaking up the perspectives of the image space. Details of bodies, fragments of costumes and landscapes are aligned on the same plane, forming moving and colorful superpositions.

Location : Pact GalleryParis III
Exhibition Dates : from January 12 to February 18

Visual: Poster of the exhibition “Breaking codes”

Schedule of openings for the week of January 12