secrets of the past

We return in this second installment of Bastards of the Bayou to those hot and humid lands, where mosquitoes like helicopters, deadly vipers and alligators are the least of the concerns of its colorful parishioners.

And it is that, over the years, the cruelty of a group of people, all belonging to a supposed aristocracy bought with money, has exercised its power and violence on the colored population, committing true atrocities.

But as the saying goes, each pig gets its Saint Martin, and the prologue of this new installment opens precisely with the introduction of two women who star in the cover of the comic.

They are strong, empowered, and they are not afraid of anything or anyone. They are known locally as Lady Zaa and Laaa Tiger. And with these curious nicknames we can only hope that they clean the surroundings of the damn members of the Ku Kux Klan…

But as those of you who have immersed yourself in this Cajun sauce already know, the ingredients of this spicy recipe are not few, turning its argument into the closest thing to some Lifes crossed, and introducing us to a series of characters who survive as best they can, some trying to forget and correct the mistakes of the past, others discovering secrets that come from beyond and, most of them, being victims of their own behavior.

In this last category we could fit Jeda guy who hangs out submerged in an ocean of drugs, a guy without moralswho lives badly at the moment with his ‘girlfriend’ Kelly.

Both are going to receive a very special visit, someone who is going to change their lives in a very expeditious way, and who is only looking for answers that the couple may be able to give them.

Perhaps the most magical moment, and never better said, of this second volume is the festive inauguration of what will become the link between many of the protagonists of this story, the Juke-Jointa bar in which, by supernatural means, he is going to have a series of very ‘special’ guests, who with their musical talent, will fill the place with rhythm.

And there is also a place for redemption in these lands, and as a perfect example of this, a couple, the one made up of Rose Lee and Chu Chu. No one could ever imagine that they were the better half of the other, although as you can imagine, life in these lands is not easy for anyone.

Finally, one of the most charismatic locals of these lands, the Indian ‘Radio’ Earl, alma mater of the new bar and who, thanks to his connection with the supernatural, is going to discover that great secret that has been weighing him down since long ago, a story of love nipped in the bud, a terrible robbery and the naked truth.

Hold on tight, because the great authors of this comic, Armand Brad and Neyefthey have some surprises in store for us that will surely leave you speechless, since the unexpected is hidden just around the page.

secrets of the past