Sergio Hernández exposes his dreams in San Diego in “Embers of Oaxaca”

San Diego (CA), Nov 12 (EFE).- Mexican painter Sergio Hernández inaugurates this Saturday at the San Diego Museum of Art his first individual exhibition in the United States, “Embers of Oaxaca”, while working on another series about the former president Benito Juárez that denotes his concern about democracy, according to what he told EFE.

The exhibition of oil paintings that he presents in California from today until February 12 is a revelation of his dreams from vivid colors to black and white, textured with sand or covered with gold leaf.

It is about “the most recent dreams that I have, which are very recurrent, and that I reveal in images,” said the painter, born in 1957 in Huajuapan de León, in the southern state of Oaxaca.

He explained that his work is timeless and that he generally takes up themes and techniques “to return to a series of themes from Oaxaca that make me very restless.”

To reveal these dreamlike images, the artist resorts to painting “in gold and very old techniques that are mercury with sulfur, which is the cinnabar color that has existed since ancient times in all cultures.”

Also lapis lazuli, which was the ultramarine blue color that was later replaced by cobalt blue, and the blue used by the Italian painter Fra Angelico in the Renaissance.

Meticulous, Hernández prefers to use these colors, no matter how difficult they are to obtain, such as the blue used by Fra Angelico, which he still obtains, although “very expensive”, in a store in Germany.


Now he plans to use that same color to express issues that the artist has said have him worried, like Mexican electoral politics.

He explained that he is currently inspired by a series of works about Mexican President Benito Juárez (1858-1872), which is called “The Embers of Juárez,” which refers to democracy in Mexico.

He also makes a defense of the National Electoral Institute (INE) that wants to disappear, pointing out that he, like many artists in Mexico, is “disturbed” by the autonomy of the elections in his country.

In Mexico there is a reform proposal from the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena) to reduce the number of advisers to the INE, an institution that seeks electoral impartiality, whose budget this week was cut by the ruling party by 4,400 million pesos (about $220 million).

Hernández acknowledges the influence of other famous painters such as Rufino Tamayo and Francisco Toledo in his work, but his personal closeness was with the latter, who died three years ago.

“We met and made a long friendship. We got to work some works together, ”she recalled.

“All that magical world of Francisco, loaded with a lot of sensuality in his work, inspired me and I bring some works made with earth, mixed with pigments, which are sand over oil. And Tamayo, who was the great Mexican artist of the lands and colors of Oaxaca, has a very important role in my work”, he added.

“Oaxaca has a rich and vibrant history in the arts, and we are thrilled to welcome another incredible artist from that region to our museum,” Roxana Velásquez, executive director of the San Diego Museum of Art, said in a statement.

He stressed that it is an exhibition that presents an “impressive variety of themes and media that invite us to reflection.”

“Embers of Oaxaca” is an exquisite collection of works that are complex in technique, diverse in materials and deep in their narrative, he said.

He highlights very bold red and blue monumental compositions that have a magical and otherworldly quality representative of fantastical realism.

Hernández, one of the most renowned Mexican artists of his generation, has gained international recognition with his exhibitions in numerous countries, including France, Colombia, Italy, Cuba, Germany, Romania, Spain and Belgium.

Sergio Hernández exposes his dreams in San Diego in “Embers of Oaxaca” – Hola News