Seven crime, suspense and horror books to start 2023

One of the most popular purposes for starting a New Year is read more. However, sometimes we don’t know which book to choose. If you are curious about topics related to the crime, suspense and terror, You will like this list of seven titles to enjoy in 2023. We also give you some tips to increase your reading time.

crime books

Macbeth and Hamlet by William Shakespeare

An expert crime author is William Shakespeare. You neglect three pages and the British genius has already murdered half of his characters. On this occasion, we are going to recommend two of his most famous works: Hamlet and Macbeth.

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Hamlet is a Danish prince, who is going through a period of mourning and confusion due to the unexpected death of his father, King Hamlet, and the subsequent and premature marriage between his mother Gertrude and his uncle Claudius, who now occupies the throne as absolute regent. .

Hamlet’s friends alert him to the appearance of a ghost very similar to his father within the confines of the castle, the young man goes to see the figure, only to discover a terrible truth.

The king’s specter blames his wife and brother for premeditated homicide. Hamlet does not know what to think and decides to feign madness until the allegations against his family are proven or denied. In the process, whether he wants it or not, he is going to harm the lives of all the members of the court.

On the other hand, Macbeth is the Baron of Glamis, in Scotland, who was victorious in the battle of the invasion of Norway. On his way home, he meets three witches, who prophesy that he will be made Baron of Cawdor and is the future king of the nation.

Macbeth, curious, mocks the witches, but also questions them about the meaning of their words. Shortly after, he receives the letter with the orders of King Duncan, where for his services to the crown, he is granted the domains of Cawdor.

The man, shocked by the coincidence, decides to tell his wife about the witches. Lady Macbeth, then, driven by the ambition to become queen, persuades her husband to assassinate the king, who will soon be a guest in the house.

We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Eva and Franklin are a couple in love with different criteria about having children: she is not convinced about motherhood, but he does want to be a father. Eva becomes pregnant, but as soon as the baby is born, she thinks that something is not right with him.

In his mother’s perception, Kevin is a complicated child. He first does not stop crying at all hours, at the slightest provocation. Second, as he gets older, his behavior is strange, he is extremely reserved and lacks empathy.

One day, the youngest pours cleaning fluid into his sister’s eye. Her father believes in his innocence, it was all a terrible accident, but Eva is not entirely sure.

Soon the arguments between the couple begin to escalate, Eva maintains that Kevin is dangerous, Franklin believes that she is an evil woman, incapable of loving her son. Perhaps they are both correct.

Books of suspence

Tragedies of Aeschylus

When talking about suspense, it’s very hard not to quote the Greeks. One of the pieces that make up Aeschylus’ “Tragedies” is “The Seven Against Thebes”. The city is under siege and, at each of its gates, the enemy lurks, trying to break through the walls to seize control of the government.

Part of the population believes that the best thing to do is lay down your weapons, hand over the territory and beg for mercy. Another group considers that the only possible alternative is to defend Thebes with all the might of which the warriors are capable and to beg the favor of the gods.

If you prefer a criminal theme, you can opt for the Oresteia trilogy. It is the narrative about the misfortune of a family as a result of the Trojan War.

Agamemnon returns home victorious, but his wife Clytemnestra is furious with him, the king was able to sacrifice his own daughter, Iphigenia, to curry favor with the goddess Artemis and is about to discover the consequences of his decisions.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Extraordinary Stories

In this collection of short stories, Poe demonstrates why he is one of the mandatory references in the field of literature. Here inhabit stories of homicide, paranoia, uncertainty, madness, restlessness, crime, guilt and despair. A very suitable book for a Sunday afternoon.

We highly recommend the stories “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Morgue Street Murders.” In case you are looking for a way to stay awake, for any eventuality, you can make use of “The premature burial”, then you will not want to close your eyes.

John Katzenbach’s Fool’s Story

The protagonist of this story is Francis Petrel, an extremely sane man, so much so that even the voices in his head suggest that no one tells him what is going on in his mind.

In his adult days, Petrel begins to remember the events that happened years ago at the Western State Psychiatric Hospital, a place where he was locked up and which was the scene of violent events.

Back then, the young assistant district attorney, Lucy Jones, was convinced that one of the compound’s patients was a serial murderer and rapist, who disguised himself behind a mentally incapacitated facade to escape police radar.

At first, the director of the institution was suspicious of the veracity of the lawyer’s allegations, but when a nurse is mutilated inside the compound, he cannot deny the evidence. Jones generated an unsuspected union with Petrel and other patients with the aim of catching the murderer.

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Horror books

Ira Levin’s Rosemary’s Baby

The young Woodhouse couple, made up of Rosemary, a housewife, and Guy, a theater actor, move into the Bramford Building in New York. Immediately, they attract the attention of an older couple, the Castavets, who try to establish a close friendship. Rosemary is polite, but aloof. However, Guy is approachable.

After a social gathering at her house, Rosemary has a terrible dream, imagining being raped by a supernatural entity in her own bed. She soon discovers that she is pregnant and her husband Guy is chosen to act in an important Broadway play.

The woman’s health begins to decline to the point where she appears pale and haggard, almost a living corpse. Her acquaintances insist that she seek help, but the Castavets, along with her husband Guy, assure her that everything will be fine.

Here are seven options to know what to read during 2023. If you think you don’t have time to dedicate to reading, remember that you can enjoy a book at any time of the day: in the bathroom, before bed, while waiting for public transport , you stand in line at the bank or in the supermarket.

Which authors would you add to this list of “Seven books of crime, suspense and mystery”? Share your answers to create an atmosphere of transgression, wonder and intrigue.

Seven crime, suspense and horror books to start 2023