Seven works and a novel that forged Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Firaxis tells us exclusively about the comics that inspired the video game

Our interest in Marvel’s Midnight Suns it is very special. We are talking about a tactical RPG based on nothing less than The Midnight Sons, from Marvel. And be careful, behind the project are those responsible for the XCOM saga. More than enough ingredients to trigger our enthusiasm. Being able to sit down and talk about the game with Jake Solomon and Joe Weinhoffer from Firaxis has also been a pleasure. Are true fans of comicslike us!

In a long exclusive talk -which we will soon share in VidaExtra- the creators of Marvel’s Midnight Suns They spoke to us, among other topics, about the challenge of bringing the characters from the comics to the video game and their wonderful relationship with Marvel. Something that translates into lots of interesting ideas for fans of the characters and new directions in the face of Marvel’s colossal legacy in video games.

A note, Jake Solomon, creative director of Midnight Suns, has confirmed that Lilith, the main villain of the game and the threat that originally brought together the Midnight Sons, is an omega level threat and will be an enemy at the level of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the most powerful beings of the publisher. Little joke.

In fact, it was Solomon himself who proposed to the house of ideas to use the Midnight Sons as a basis to create the game among all the stories and publications in the history of the publisher. The reason? It’s your favorite story ever since he started reading comics more than 30 years ago. Which opens up a very interesting and obligatory question: What the heck are the Midnight Sons?

The Midnight Sons: from paper to video game

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One of the most common resources in superhero comics are supergroups. The Avengers and the League of Justice are the best known and most popular, of course, but we have a plethora of heroic, evil and even anti-hero formations like the suicide squadthe Thunderbolts and, in this case, specifically the Midnight Sons.

The similarities between Marvel’s Midnight Suns and the comic series Arrival Of The Midnight Sons the event that will eventually bring the lineup together, they are very much aligned: Lilith, the mother of all demons, She has been resurrected and poses a powerful threat to Earth: her ability to create demons and corrupt any being into her service will require the combined might of unconventional heroes used to dealing with the supernatural.

The chosen ones: the Ghost Rider, Morbius, the Nightstalkers and even the custodians of the darkhold (the book shown in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness) among others. However, Solomon’s vision and the opportunity to do something much bigger meant that when it came to completely revamping the premise (as he told us, Marvel allowed to use any hero or villain) and assembled a new group combining favorite characters along with faces that were a perfect fit for this darkest corner of the Marvel multiverse.

However, Marvel’s Midnight Suns promise to offer fanservice to large spoonfuls. First of all, because we can share moments with our heroes in the Abbey, the base of operations of the heroes in the game (every supergroup needs a place to have some super-beers), but the really interesting thing is how they have forged ties with very specific comics, starting with Jake Solomon’s favorite :La Arrival Of The Children Of Midnight.

Logically, one of the questions that since Extra Life we did to Jake Solomon and Joe Weinhoffer should go in that direction: what comics did they recommend to gamers and Marvel fans before diving into the video game Marvel’s Midnight Suns. And, as you will see, there is a lot of everything.

Below you will see the comics that inspired Marvel’s Midnight Suns according to its own creators and several works that will cover the video game for its launch.

Spirits of Vengeance. Arrival Of The Midnight Sons

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Our starting point could not be another. Moreover, Jake Solomon told us that getting fully into the stories of the Midnight Sons could be somewhat complicated for those who were not very involved in the printed Marvel universe, with which to start -never better said- with the plot Ghost Rider Spirits of Vengeancewhich will serve as one of the touchstones for the formation, is the best to enter this darker and more supernatural version of our favorite heroes.

90`s Limited Spirits Of Vengeance. Arrival Of The Midnight Sons (LIMITED ED.)

Fear Incarnate

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The second recommendation that Jake Solomon made us shows that in addition to being a complete Marvel connoisseur, he has exquisite taste: Fear Incarnate It came with the intention of being the biggest Marvel event since Civil War and with the cinematic machinery in one of its sweetest moments. As he tells us, the team dynamics of the game are very much based on this collection.

The plot? The Serpent, Odin’s brother, has claimed the throne of Asgard and has posed a great threat to all kingdoms, including Earth. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and several of the greatest superheroes will come to the fore in a desperate situation.

Fear Incarnate. Full (MARVEL DELUXE)

Nightstalkers (1992-1994)

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Another of Solomon’s direct references is Nightstalkers, and it is not for less: it is an alliance of experts in fighting against the forces of darkness in which Blade joins forces with Frank Drake and Hannibal King. The series, by the way, will end up leading to the event of The Midnight Sons but here comes an additional curiosity: the premise was loosely and unluckily brought to theaters through the movie Trinity Blade, with Ryan Reynolds himself playing Hannibal King.

Nightstalkers (1992-1994) #1 (English Edition)

Spirits of Venom

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Venom and Spider-Man are part of Marvel’s Midnight Suns on opposing sides, but their addition is very well tied and justified by Solomon: as he reminded us, in Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits Of Vengeance From 1993 the symbiote and our favorite wall-crawler crossed destinies with Marvel’s supernatural crusaders on several occasions, specifically recommending this comic to us.

Spirits of Venom (Marvel Comics)

X-MEN – Inferno

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If there is something that became very clear to us in our interview, it is that Firaxis is a big fan of the X-Men. In Marvel’s Midnight Suns We will see Wolverine and Magik, but one of the most effusively recommended readings was the saga Hell. Not the most recent, but the one published since the late 1980s. An event that goes beyond the X-Men and splashes X-Factor, The New Mutants, the X-Terminators and even Power Pack. Almost nothing.

X-MEN 01 INFERNO (X-Men Inferno)

Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins

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One of the most interesting elements of phase 4 was the opening of the multiverse and its dalliances with dark magic, culminating on the big screen with Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The origin of all evil? A simple book: the Darkhold. And it is not a new resource, but very well integrated into the comics. Enough so that a group of experts in the dark arts in charge of its custody, the Redeemers of the Darkhold, had their own comic.

DARKHOLD PAGES FROM BOOK OF SINS COMPLETE COLLECTION: Pages from the Book of Sins – the Complete Collection: 1

Rise of the Midnight Sons

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We left the most important compilation of all for almost the end, but it has its reason for being: Jake Solomon recommends that comic enthusiasts have previously gone through the previous works to fully enjoy the adventures of the Midnight Sons.

The Rise of the Midnight Son tomes compiles the key stories of Ghost Rider, Morbius, Nightstalkers and the others, some of which we have quoted here, in a single volume leading up to the formation of the Midnight Sons, although his publishing career continued with Midnight Massacre, Siege of Darkness, Damnation and, in 2022, Midnight Suns.

Rise of the Midnight Sons: Ghost Rider/Morbius/Darkhold/Nightstalkers/Spirits of Vengeance

Midnight Suns

The exploration of the darkest corners of the Marvel universe continues and adapts to the new times: Midnight Suns well-known heroes like Blade, Doctor Doom and Wolverine with other characters like Kushala Nico Minoru and Zoe Laveau in a plot made up of two issues in which even Agatha Harkness herself appears. An own contribution added to those made by the creators of the video game.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Infernal Rising


We promised a novel in our list, and the truth is that the chosen one fits like a glove for the launch of the video game: Infernal Rising is the official prequel to Marvel’s Midnight Suns in printed format. It’s written by SD Perry and we can’t tell you if it’s as good as the previous comics because it’s coming out on December 1, on the eve of the game’s release. 336 pages to make the wait easier.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Infernal Rising

Extra Ball: Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the series

A listing in VidaExtra without Extra Ball? Never! While you have plenty of printed material to dive right into the darkest stories of the Marvel Universe, you may not have much time to read or much patience when it comes to turning pages. The good news is that 2K Games and Marvel have wrapped up the premiere of Marvel’s Midnight Suns with a limited mini-series of animated shorts. What better excuse to bring together this very special super-group in the face of such an exceptional threat?

Seven works and a novel that forged Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Firaxis tells us exclusively about the comics that inspired the video game