Severe depression could be cured by a ‘magic mushroom’

Considered a common mental illness and the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it can be relieved or even cured with psilocybin from mushrooms

Traditional and natural medicine, known internationally as alternative, energetic and naturalistic, or complementary, is part of the heritage of universal culture, that is, of concepts and practices that have been inherited from generation to generation for centuries.

In fact, more than 2,500 years ago, in the ancient Chinese, Indian, and Greek civilizations, the belief in the supernatural was replaced by the belief that health was the result of a balance of natural forces in the body, and that sickness was the evidence of his loss. Although the Chinese and Indian medical systems have been maintained over the years, based on what was said above, in the West this idea was supplanted by the advancement of scientific medicine, this being a guarantor of the innovative treatments that exist today to treat and cure many diseases.

Today we find that depression, considered a common mental illness and the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), can be alleviated or even cured with psilocybin from mushrooms known as hallucinogens or ‘magical’.

And it is that the use of psilocybin, a synthetic variant of a substance contained in some mushrooms, has a “significant impact” in reducing the symptoms of resistant depression, according to the preliminary results of a study published on November 3 in Magazine New EnglandJournal of Medicine.

Following the analysis of 233 participants in 22 centers in European countries, Canada and the United States, the study showed that, along with psychological support, a single dose of 25 milligrams helped patients against this mental disorder that affects 280 million people. people all over the world. Of which, about 100 million people suffer from treatment-resistant depression

“This study, which is by far the largest clinical trial to date on the use of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression, showed that a single 25-milligram dose improved participants’ symptoms of depression compared with a single dose of psilocybin.” 1 milligram (control group)”, summarized James Rucker, one of the authors, according to DW.

According to experts, suffering from a chronic disease is difficult for anyone to manage, it implies a total change in their life routine, it involves learning to face an unexpected situation and adapting to a series of role changes that involve, in turn, changes in the emotional sphere.

Depression is a disease that must be treated by mental health professionals to receive treatment as soon as possible. Experts acknowledge.

Hence, family members play an important role in the management and accompaniment of a patient with depression since they are the ones who remain in the patient’s environment and see the changes and processes that the affected person goes through.

The psychologist, Mayra Holligan, from the Department of Occupational Health and Safety at the Social Security Fund, explained that this illness is not a simple decay, that depression is a condition characterized by a state of mind and feelings of sadness, associated to the alteration of the behavior, of the degree of activity and of the thought.

He indicated that it is a real disease, with effects on the body, whose trigger begins with changes in brain chemistry, which give rise to the disorder, producing changes at the level of sleep, appetite and the perception that we have ourselves and the world in general. .

Many times the symptoms are not recognized and are not related to depression.

What to do to cope with the disease

Holligan offered a series of preventive tips to deal with this disease that if not treated can lead to suicide.

The psychologist appealed to enjoy healthy lifestyles, including physical activities, since when they are executed the level of endorphins increases.

In addition, he specified that the body secretes the so-called hormone of well-being, serotonin. “Exercise helps us in a great way to have energy, more strength and improves mood,” she pointed out.

For Holligan, the importance of communicating emotions, creating catharsis, and for this, one must dialogue with someone who transmits confidence, allows him to express feelings, thoughts or difficult situations.

He pointed out that this person will help with listening, to take a load off, with the pleasant consequence that the state of mind will improve markedly, by being able to unload emotions.

Severe depression could be cured by a ‘magic mushroom’