Shōnen Souls

The world of anime and manga has always been dominated by the shōnen genre. An incredibly vast market, filled with so many valuable titles which, unfortunately, pass in muted to the general public because they are crushed by big names capable of monopolizing media attention. This article is for you to find out Six gems of shōnen anime in the catalog of Crunchyroll.


Earth is overpopulated, nations gather for a great mission: to terraform Mars. The initial phase of the plan plans to launch molds and cockroaches on the red planet, while man will go there after 500 years. The crew of the spacecraft will have to fight against the terraformars, cockroaches with human features.

Terraformars it is an incredibly mature series, which is on the border with the seinen genre, and dramatic, definitely recommended for the most daring.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

For those who are looking for something lighter, distinctly fantasy, our advice is to recover the new edition of Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. This anime tells the adventures of Dai and Pop, who will be joined by many other characters, to defeat Satan Hadler. A classic fantasy, with strong JRPG tones as can already be seen from the title.


The most famous Euromanga in the world, idolized in Japan, has received its animated transposition for some time now, but has always gone unnoticed in the West. Seththe protagonist, is a young sorcerer who fights the Nemesis magical beings that appear to attack the population of the world. After surviving and defeating a Nemesis, Seth will search for the Radiant, the place where the Nemesis are said to come from.

God of High School

One of the first productions registered Crunchyroll, this anime adapts a hugely successful manwha released on Webtoon. This anime see Jin Mori, a taekwondo expert, proves himself in a martial arts tournament for high school students, but events soon take a strange and supernatural turn. Dynamic and with spectacular animations, recommended for those who want a lot of action and immediately.

Ranking of Kings

Fun and light-hearted, this anime tells the adventures of Boji, the young prince heir to the throne who, however, is not only deaf, but is not even able to speak or handle a sword. Despite these obstacles, he decides to become a great king, but the crown is entrusted to his half-brother Daida.

One of the first series dubbed by Crunchyroll Italymanages to surprise with every episode also thanks to its completely unique graphic style.

Hitori no Shita – The Outcast

Tell the story of Cho Soran, a boy like many others, who has a particular ki, but of which he knows practically nothing. His grandfather’s sudden death, coupled with his father’s disappearance, are the mysteries Chō tries to solve as different organizations try to get his special ki. Great fights, beautifully animated and choreographed, combined with a great deal of comedy and mystery, make this anime a must-see gem for shōnen fans, despite the lack of the third season.

What are, in your opinion, the other shōnen gems that deserve to be seen without being too well known? Tell us in the comments and keep following us to stay updated on the world of Souls!

Shōnen Souls – The Six (more or less) Hidden Gems