Six series of suspense to stay glued to the screen


Six series of suspense to stay glued to the screen

Mysteries, kidnappings, murders, persecutions… The thriller hooks up. It does not matter if it is of a supernatural, espionage or police nature: tension and intrigue enchant the viewer and the platforms treat this type of production with care, of which we highlight six.

Tokyo Vice (HBO Max)

End of the 90s. The young journalist Jake Adelstein (Ansel Elgort) becomes the first Western journalist to work for Yomiuru Shimbun, the newspaper with the largest circulation in Japan and the world. Under the supervision of Hiroto Katagari (ken watanabe) a veteran Tokyo police detective, Jake begins to investigate the dark world of Yakuza, the dangerous Japanese mafia controlled by the most powerful criminals in the country. In this way, an intriguing look at Japan begins, where crime and power enter into an imbricated relationship that michael mann portrays with his usual teacher based on the book of the own adelstein. you can subscribe here to HBO Max.

The Old Man (Disney+)

Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) left the CIA decades ago, but when an assassin comes along and tries to kill him, the aging agent realizes that to secure his future he must come to terms with his past. But FBI Deputy Director of Counterintelligence Harold Harper (john lithgow) will not make it easy for you. Old age, occupation and moral ambiguity run through the plot of a twisted series, riddled with trompe l’oeil in which the protagonist strives to achieve his goal: “defend what needs to be defended”. To subscribe to Disney+ you can access here.

Your Honor (Movistar +)

Michael Desiato (bryan cranston) is a respected New Orleans judge whose life is derailed when his son Adam (Hunter Doohan) accidentally kills Rocco (Benjamin Wadsworth), the son of crime boss Jimmy Baxter (michael stuhlbarg) and runs away. Created by Peter Moffat and was based on an original Israeli fiction titled kvodo has two exciting seasons in Cranston embodies a courageous father in the midst of a fast-paced game of lies, deceit and impossible choices.

Servant (AppleTV+)

M.Night Shyamalan acts as executive producer (and director of some episodes) of this fiction created and written by Tony Basgallop which was renovated before it was released. Now her fourth season sees the light, where she promises to put an end to the story of a millionaire couple from Philadelphia, Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner (toby kebbell), who suffer a marital crisis after the death of their 13-week-old son, Jericho. They both undergo “transient object” therapy using a doll after Dorothy has a psychotic break. To care for the doll, which Dorothy believes to be her real child, they hire a young nanny, Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free), who arrives at the home accompanied by a disturbing “mysterious force”.

The Devil’s Hour (Amazon Prime Video)

Lucy (Jessica Rain) wakes up every night at exactly 3:33 a.m., the so-called devil’s hour, after suffering a series of nightmares that he feels are echoes of a past he never lived. Nothing in her life has made sense for a long time, but her answers lie at the bottom of a list of brutal murders that will lead her to the figure of Gideon (peter capaldi), a mysterious prisoner who seems to have the key to everything. Tom Moran elaborates an intense story halfway through the thriller psychological and supernatural terror that has already been renewed for two more seasons. Amazon Prime Video subscription is available here.

The woman across the street from the girl in the window (Netflix)

When Neil (Tom Riley) moves in and becomes his attractive neighbor, Anna (Kristen Bell), a painter heartbroken by a family misfortune, begins to get excited. But soon to witness a gruesome murder…or so she believes. Because Anna mixes alcohol with the medications prescribed by her therapist, she has frequent hallucinations and suffers from ombrophobia, a paralyzing fear of rain, which means that her testimony is not highly valued by either the police or the public. relatives of her This is the starting point of this fun and dark series, capable of causing chills and laughing at the same time.

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Six series of suspense to stay glued to the screen