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The Stranger Things Season 4 storyline for Episode 7, “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” debunks a big theory about one of Eleven’s “siblings.”

A potentially huge Hawkins Lab theory has just been debunked by the storyline of Stranger Things season 4, episode 7, which is actually better for Eleven’s story. After releasing a few script pages from various Stranger Things Season 4 episodes, the series has now released the full script for the Part 1 finale, “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab.” The episode was one of the most shocking episodes of Stranger Things season 4, which confirmed the real killer in the mass murder of Eleven’s siblings at the lab in 1979, but still left several mysteries unsolved. .

Stranger Things’ flashback to the Hawkins Lab massacre has led to a lot of character and event speculation, such as whether another issue might have actually survived the murder. After Vecna’s true identity was revealed, Stranger Things confirmed that three numbers were still alive in the Season 4 timeline: One/Henry Creel, Eight/Kali, and Eleven/Jane. However, theories abounded that Ten, the number Brenner was with during the massacre, may have secretly survived and faked his death. Even weirder was speculation that Ten grew up to be Eddie Munson, the beloved character from Season 4 of Stranger Things. However, the storyline of “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” puts a firm end to those possibilities.

Stranger Things 4 Script Confirms Ten Is Dead

Theories about Ten, or the survival of any other number, have now been debunked with the release of the Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 7 storyline. While the details of Ten’s fate have remained ambiguous enough on screen to justifying questions, the script confirms that he was murdered by Number One/Henry Creel: “Inside, [Eleven] sees Brenner, unconscious; Ten’s mutilated corpse lies next to him. Ten did not have a miraculous resurrection as theorized, instead being one of 15 children whose lives were cut short by One in 1979.

This means that when the final battle against Vecna ​​takes place, the only supernatural child Eleven will potentially have by her side is Eight. After 15 of their “siblings” were killed at the lab, Eleven survived by banishing One backwards, while Eight had already escaped the lab long before. It is unknown why One still let Eight live after the massacre, though he made sure to leave no survivors but Eleven and Dr. Brenner back at Hawkins Lab.

Why Eleven had to be the sole survivor of the Hawkins Lab Massacre

Since Eight was already gone, Eleven is technically the only number who actually survived One’s massacre in Stranger Things’ memory flashbacks. Eleven was to be the sole survivor as it proved that she was Vecna’s true greatest weakness, as she was taught to embrace love and happy memories in order to enhance her abilities and defeat him. Also, if anyone else had survived the massacre, then Eleven would likely be resented by one of her living “siblings” to be the one who freed Henry Creel from Brenner’s Soteria Inhibitor Device.

One of the numbers may then have sought revenge on Eleven for her role in unwittingly aiding Henry’s sinister plans. So it’s better for Eleven’s heroic story if the guilt she feels for the tragedy is something she has to personally overcome. It also means Vecna ​​and Eleven’s showdown in Stranger Things season 5 will be a fitting rematch between the only two survivors of the Hawkins Lab massacre. With their expected one-on-one duel, Eleven will be able to more personally redeem her past mistakes by saving the world from One’s wrath, which would also end the remnants of Brenner’s cruel experiment on supernatural children. .

Stranger Things 4 debunks a Big Hawkins Lab theory | Pretty Reel