Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve review

Supernatural Academy Year 1 of Jaymin Eve opens the fantasy series Supernatural Academy of Queen Edizioni. If you are a lover of paranormal novels and magic schools you absolutely must read it!

Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve

Maddison James is about to discover the truth about the world around her.
First of all… supernatural beings exist.
Second… she’s one of them, even if no one can figure out what it is.
Third… school is about to start. And things are about to get very interesting.
The Supernatural Academy is the school where shapeshifters, vampires and magical creatures learn to use their abilities and to relate to humans.
Maddison already knows how to live in the human world, but the supernatural part…that’s a whole new thing. It’s dangerous.

Example number one: Popular girls can actually turn you into a frog.
Example number two: Asher Lock, the god of the Academy. Well, not literally…although he acts like it, just like all the students who worship him do.
Asher drives Maddison crazy, because, apparently, arrogant, cocky, beautiful guys are just his type.

And, despite their mutual contempt, sparks fly between them. The more they find themselves staying
together, plus Asher tries to figure out why Maddison’s magic is blocked.
Until the truth is revealed…and they discover that, in the supernatural world, nothing is as they thought.

Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve review

Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve is the first volume of Queen Edizioni’s Supernatural Academy series, one of the most anticipated books of the year for those who love fantasy novels!

Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve

Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve is a novel by Queen Editions which leaves you speechless from the very first pages, when we get to know the protagonist, Maddison, in her life in the normal world. It is immediately clear that the girl finds herself living in a situation that is difficult to manage and yet she is stubborn and she goes ahead with her head held high, relying only on herself. When she is identified and taken to the Sup academy she is not disoriented and tries to face her new life in a pragmatic way, trying not to get into trouble.

Too bad that she is special and therefore on everyone’s lips which immediately arouses the interest of the Atlanteans, the undisputed kings of the academy, Asher, Axl, Calen, Jessie and Rone who approach her and, at the same time, the I hate dark queens who, as soon as they understand how special she is, begin to put a spoke in her wheels.

Mad’s life changes radically and while all practical things become easier, from the magic that regulates life in the academy to the new friendship of Ilia and Larissa, the mystery about his nature as a Sup thickens, as all attempts to understand who she really is they show that she cannot be categorized and yet…her origins are the call of those who couldn’t wait to rise up and regain their lost power….

Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve is a novel that truly surprises with original content and jaw-dropping twists and turns. Mad’s story is a mystery, it thickens more and more page after page. She knows nothing about her early life and, the disappearance of her parents is very peculiar.

When she is offered a place among the Sup, she accepts it more to have a roof over her head and a plate of food every day and this makes us tender, because Mad has suffered a lot and now she can “maybe” relax as long as she brings out her gifts, which is somewhat complicated, because they are protected by a great secret that no one knows…

The approach of the five Atlanteans leads her on the one hand to a sea of ​​trouble on the other to know the one that comes closest to a very particular form of family that she has never had. The loyalty and union of these guys who welcome her with open arms because they feel something special about her, especially Asher who is clearly the “most” of all, allows Mad to finally find himself at home and at the same time to begin a very dangerous and feared adventure that will lead her to know the real danger…

The ending of this volume is so complex and articulated that we find ourselves having the answer to many initial questions but also many new ones… to such an extent that I wonder if the academy for Sup is really an academy for good guys or for villains… In short, there are two great factions, which are revealed only halfway through the reading and towards the end and it is not yet possible to define the roles..

For the rest, the novel is truly spectacular, intense, intriguing and the story that arises between Mad and Asher and not only between them as there is also that of Ilia and Larissa who begin to evolve attract a lot … needless to say I don’t see the It’s time to read the second volume of the series to understand a little more…

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Supernatural Academy Year 1 by Jaymin Eve review