“Supernatural Colombia”, the book by the Spanish Mado Martínez, has a new edition

“Supernatural Colombia”, by Mado Martínez.

the spanish writer Mado Martinezwho has been cultivating readers for several years with his book supernatural colombiatoday it is again on the radar of booksellers, because of the most recent edition, revised and updated, of what has become its great classic.

Considered one of the most outstanding voices of the fantasy genre in Spanish in recent years, Martínez became known with her book The Nicole Delacroix Mysteryin 2008, and from its publication, came The curse (2013), The Guardian (2013), The Saint (2014) and The Train of Souls (2018). She is also the author of a number of essays on anthropology, science, history, and the occult. hers are hers The proof (2016), neuroscience of happiness (2014) and Whores, witches and crazy (2021), among other titles.

Mado Martinez, author of "supernatural colombia". Photo taken from: El Comercio.
Mado Martínez, author of “Supernatural Colombia”. Photo taken from: El Comercio.

If something has distinguished his work, it is the interest and passion he feels towards mystery. Hence several of his works, both fiction and essayistic. And that’s how it comes out supernatural colombiapublished for the first time in 2018, and whose second part supernatural columbia 2has allowed her to remain active among readers.

The book, which in this new edition includes unpublished testimonies and QR codes for reader interaction, is an invitation to explore the limits of our reality, traveling through the most disturbing enchanted places and paranormal enigmas in Colombia. Inside, although it may seem like fiction, whoever reads will find stories about abductions in the Guatavita lagoon, horrors in the Naval Museum of the Caribbean, miracles and curses in the Central Cemetery of Bogotá, ghosts that distribute mangoes, haunted houses and much more. .

Cover of the new edition of the book "supernatural colombia", by Mado Martinez. Courtesy: Penguin Random House.
Cover of the new edition of the book “Colombia supernatural”, by Mado Martínez. Courtesy: Penguin Random House.

Within these pages, Martínez invites us to meet the testimonies and true data behind the most absurd paranormal events that can be imagined. Perhaps the skeptical reader finds these stories unreasonable, and yes, there is no reason here, precisely because not everything that seizes us has an explanation based on science.

The way in which the author tells, reflects and questions, with the necessary rigor, allows these issues to be approached seriously, leaving aside the air of a pamphlet with which they are usually treated. Therefore, the book is not scary. If the reader gets scared, it may be a great success of the author, but in reality the purpose of these pages is to inform and call for reflection on the most incomprehensible.

“I wonder what face the Ecuadorian tourist would have left who one day was taking photos at the Naval Museum of the Caribbean when he saw that in one of the photos he had taken of one of the display cases of the exhibition there was the face of someone who It shouldn’t be there, much less was it at the moment of taking the photograph. And the truth is that the more I look at the image, the stranger it seems to me” – (fragment).

The question that one asks oneself when one finds texts with this kind of themes and approached in the way that Martínez does, is how to read them: “Do we have to accept them,” he writes Ricardo Burgos Field, “How do fans of this type of affairs believe, as a “journalistic” compilation of phenomena that actually happen? Or should we read them as a particular sample of contemporary popular folklore, that is, as a unique variety of oral literature?

Here there are not only ghosts or spells, there is also a portrayal of that dark side that we all have, which, ultimately, places us between good and evil. It seems to be the last thesis that Martínez arrives at that we are the ones who make our reality supernatural. There are no monsters in another dimension. They are here and many times we are ourselves.

The book becomes a reference piece. A map of the strange. It would not be unusual for a reader to decide to go through the central cemetery with a copy under his arm, following the clues, wanting to understand the incomprehensible.


“Supernatural Colombia”, the book by the Spanish Mado Martínez, has a new edition