Teramo, off to Abbeys Jazz Festival

Teramo, starting in September Abbeys Jazz Festival – With the concerts of NoBorder Trio And Rino De Patre Trio, respectively today and tomorrow and with the Mauro De Federicis Quartet on 16 September the popular program of Abbeys Jazz Festivalthe new proposal of Concerts of the Abbeysby the association Luzmek ETSin collaboration with Ithaca Local Development Agency, Valley of the Abbeys And LAG Terreverdi Teramane characterized by 14 overall appointments in the most evocative places in the province of Teramo to end on 24 September 2022 with Fabrizio Bosso.

The NoBorder Triocomposed of Maximilian Coclite at the piano, Francesco Sorrentino on the cello e Cristiano Formicone on the clarinet, he will perform in the Russicum Church at Villa Paris, in Roseto degli Abruzzi on 8 September at 9.30 pm. It is a project that tends to overcome the boundaries between musical genres, ranging from the classical to the jazz repertoire with absolute ease and mutually integrating the peculiar characteristics of both languages. In fact, in addition to the famous trio, Brahms’ work 114, the original composition by Maximilian Coclite “Prelude to a Kiss” by D. Ellington – Theme and Variations for Piano, Clarinet and Cello.

The Rino De Patre Triocomposed of De Patre on the guitar, Marcello Manuli to the bass e Bruno Marcozzi on the drums he will perform on 9 September in the cloister of the Santi Sette Fratelli Convent in Mosciano Sant’Angelo at 9.30 pm. The work collects original pieces, variously assorted in melody and rhythm, some slow and meditative, others characterized by fast-paced rhythms that follow each other almost in the style of fugue, all united by the search for a “rainbow” that is a metaphor for a link between land and supernatural, between heaven and earth, between soul and body, between desire and concreteness. As the rainbow unites the sky with the earth, so the music becomes a metaphor for the bond that is established between the musician and the listeners.

The Mauro De Federicis quartet in Turn the page will perform on September 16 in the Auditorium Sant’Antonio in Mutignano, in the municipality of Pineto. Turn the page is a record that wants to leave behind a difficult historical period and that for Mauro De Federicis represents the record of the rebirth after years during which he has never published works under his name. Seven tracks, of which four original songs alternated with covers of the jazz repertoire dressed in a different way. A program in which each piece represents a particular moment of the composer’s intimacy. The pieces were not composed in the same way and in the same period. Proof of this is the continuous alternation between classical and electric guitar as well as, obviously, the semi-acoustic one. A concert by the guitarist from Teramo with his historic quartet, an exceptional ensemble made up of Carmine Ianieri on sax, Gabriele Pesaresi to the double bass e Fabio Colella to the battery.

The festival is organized with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, the Abruzzo Region, the Province of Teramo, the Gran Sasso d’Italia Chamber of Commerce, the Tercas Foundation, the BIM (Basin Imbrifero Montano Vomano), the Municipalities of Canzano Cellino Attanasio , Mosciano Sant’Angelo and Pineto, with the support of the Municipalities of Castel Castagna, Isola del Gran Sasso d’Italia and Roseto degli Abruzzi.

The bill continues on 24 September at 9.30 pm in the Abbey of San Salvatore in Canzano with the recovery of the date of Fabrizio Bossoinitially scheduled for August 25th.

Another novelty of this season is the active and synergistic collaboration with the LAG Terreverdi Teramane, which in five stages of the Festival (after the dates of 3, 8 August and 24 August and 9 and 16 September) will offer suggestive visits to the places and the host villages, accompanied by refined tastings of the food and wine excellences of the area by local producers, with the aim of promoting thematic tourist itineraries of the Sustainable Tourism Network “Terreverdi Teramane Tour “. Gal Terreverdi Teramane, in fact, implementing its Local Development Strategy, is carrying out the project “Gal & Surroundings“With the aim of encouraging the creation of initiatives and events aimed at the economic enhancement of the cultural and artistic heritage, traditions, as well as typical local products and the specificities of their territory. In this regard, it was planned to include among the events of excellence scheduled for the year 2022 the Festival event “Concerts of the Abbeys”, organized by the Luzmek Cultural Association. In this context, the LAG Terreverdi Teramane intends to promote the itineraries and thematic itineraries of the “Tour Terreverdi Teramane Network”Through five events located in five villages offering participants a unique, immersive, authentic and engaging experience. The aim of the project is to discover the places in a particular context, promoting their value and at the same time combining art (with the music of the Concerti delle Abbeys Festival), taste (with the enhancement of food and wine specialties and producers) and culture (with the enhancement of representative places of the territory and of rare scenic beauty), all in the evocative setting of the locations identified.

Official ticket office Ciaotickets.com, full ticket from 15 euros and passes from 50 euros with concerts of your choice. There are discounts of 50% with the National Youth Card and 30% for FAI members, Italia Nostra, UNPLI (National Union of Italian Pro Loco), blood donors and groups of at least 15 people. It is also possible to buy with Bonus Culture and Bonus Teachers. Abbeys Jazz club ticket 25 euros + presale, there are no reductions. We thank the sponsors Ruzzo Reti SPA, Sapori Veri, Penta, Lesti Pallets, Diodoro Ecologia, Calzaturificio GENSI, GLS, Cioci srl, Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Basciano and Casa de Campo.

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Teramo, off to Abbeys Jazz Festival