‘Terrifier 2’ and Art The Clown, terror not suitable for sensitive minds

The director Damien Leone made ‘Terrifier 2’ an ode for lovers of horror, gore and disgusting scenes, a film that will change the genre forever

Terrifier 2 arrived at Cinemex and Cinépolis a couple of months late, but with the same hype unleashed in the United States. Despite director Damien Leone’s warnings about its brutality, and the recommendation to watch its prequel, Terrifier (available on Amazon Prime Video), lThe Mexican audience ventured to attend the first performances and did not come out well. Some dropouts were recorded since last night, at its premiere, complying with the transgression that the genre has lost for years due to so many rehashes.

Worth it? every fucking second. Terrifier 2 begins immediately after the resurrection of Art The Clown (David Howard Thornton) while he is examined by a miserable coroner who ends up as the first victim of this scary clown. Quietly, Art removes his eye and brain to use in his second life and go out to cause terror on Halloween night. A simple and straightforward introduction to what the future holds.

It’s the only “spoiler” we’re going to say, just to convince you to watch this $250,000 work, original and visceral, grossing more than $12 million globallybeing together with The Black Telephone, NOP!, Barbarian (from star plus), Smile and Mal de ojo the big winners of the 2022 horror season, well above Halloween Ends, Chucky and the news of the return of Friday the 13th.

Terrifier 2 it’s not perfect. It’s a bit long in its attempt to justify the supernatural and demonic origin of Art The Clown, but sooner or later the director needed to give that answer, right? Waste time with the characters of the Sienna brothers (Lauren LaVera) and Jonathan (Elliot Fullam) in everyday situations that could well be saved. It was only enough to show his trauma in constant progression and mention that his father “committed atrocious things”, that’s why they don’t know anything about him. And ready.

Terrifier 2

Art The Clown breaks free as a demon

Too the cameo of is unnecessary griffin santopietrostar of Cobra Kaimocking a disemboweled possum, or WWE wrestler and friend of dwayne johnsonChris Jericho, in the post-credits scene. Her only grace is eating a viscera-shaped jelly while, in a cell, Vicky (Samantha Scaffidi), the only survivor of Terrifieris giving birth to a spawn of hell itself.

The good thing about the first part was having unknown faces in a story where curiosity feeds the viewer. Anyway, as we told you, not everything can be perfect. Which yes preserves is explicit violence. If the 2016 executions caused you unconscious pain, Terrifier 2 will make them ask for mercy. While we empathize with Art, as we do with Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) on Halloween, here we come to feel sorry for one of the victims.

Terrifier 2

The moment before a good execution

The mutilations can still be seen. The visual effects allow us to appreciate decapitation, castration, skinning, blood; muscle, skulls, tissue, excisions and acid burns. Oh, and if you think Art has his limits, there comes a time where he uses bleach and salt to torture one of his victims while he writhes with raw flesh. Terrifier 2 he has no limits in that regard, putting his little money well into blood-still props.

leone combined the slasher with the supernatural, like Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead and Chucky, thus justifying the immortality of Art The Clown. He leaves nothing loose as in other horror classics, he also uses the presence of Pale Girl, the childish clown friend of Art the Clown, to give a twist to the horror seen from the mind of a child and make this one the source of all kinds of fears. He turned the formula of Stephen King and Joe Hill upside down, managing to turn the slasher into a mega slasher, as Mike Flannagan, creator of The Haunting of Bly Manor, dubbed it, being a violent film but with an already more complex plot.

Dark Age Cinema

Pale Girl, Art The Clown’s new friend

After pointing out pros and cons, Terrifier 2 is the big surprise splatter 2022 and early 2023. Exceeded expectations. He got to the point, wasted time on narrative, but made up for it with cruel executions. We repeat, we are entering an era where the classics, sadly, are a thing of the past. Hopefully the horrorheads let’s have more of Scott Derrickson, Zach Cregger, Isaac Ezbán, Leone and the filmmakers who gave us the willies without any pretensions.

‘Terrifier 2’ and Art The Clown, terror not suitable for sensitive minds