Terrifier 2 collects almost 10 million at the box office and falls in love with Spanish critics

terrier 2 continues to add up at the US box office and Damien Leone’s film is close to raising a total of 10 million dollars (9.8 million at this time) in North American movie theaters, historical for the horror genre considering that the project only cost 250,000 dollars under the production of Bloody Disgusting. The terrifying and gore feature film starring Art the Clown does not currently have a release date in other countries, but thanks to the Terror Molins festival it could be seen on the big screen in Spain last Sunday, November 6, and attendees were most delighted with the project.

The critics are positioned in favor of the gore and the violence of Terrifier 2

“The ambitious madness of Damien Leone, who shapes the Sistine Chapel of modern ultragore alongside Art the Clown, reaffirmed himself as the most heinous psychokiller we’ve seen in years. It has a cult DNA and is full of iconic, bizarre images and nightmare,” he says. Javier Parracritic specializing in horror in various digital media.

Far superior sequel that takes the supernatural slasher to full power, transforming Art the Clown from bogeyman to genuine low-budget horror Grand Guignol artist. Horror Losersone of the greatest experts on the genre in Spain.

“Bigger, more gore and much more fun than the first part. Damien Leone takes gold from his small budget and gets amazing practical special effects,” adds another user on Twitter after seeing the film in Molins de Rei.

terrier 2 It was also presented at the scar awards for the members of the Academy to value the work done by Damien Leone’s team. Art the Clown has become an essential contemporary slasher figure. This, of course, will make terrier have new installments coming soon and the next movie may be released in more theaters in blockbuster conditions. terrier 2 is the new phenomenon of terror, along with Smilewhich has served to boost the genre at the box office.

Terrifier 2 collects almost 10 million at the box office and falls in love with Spanish critics