“Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown” will be released in Mexico without censorship

It will be on January 12 when the controversial film “Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown” will be released in Mexico, reaching more than 800 screens and with the promise of being screened in its original cut without any censorship.

The horror and fantasy film, written and directed by Damien Leone, will have in its new plot a cast made up of Laura LaVera as “Sienna”, David Howard Thornton as “Art, the Clown”, Jenna Kanell as “Tara Heyes” , Elliott Fullam as “Jonathan”, and Kailey Hyman as “Brooke”, keeping not only the global audience in expectation, since the film industry and critics project that the plot has great possibilities to be nominated for the next Oscar award for its special effects, editing and editing.

With a duration of 138 minutes on screen, the film produced from the United States will have a B rating (for adolescents over 12 years of age), with the impetus of the producers Dark Age Cinema and Fuzz on the Lens Productions.

After viewing it, director Mike Flanagan commented, “Art the Clown is downright terrifying. He seems to have invented a new subgenre: the MegaSlasher”, while horror writer Stephen King praised it, declaring that “Terrifier 2 is old-school disgusting.”.

A very controversial clown

After the premiere of its trailer and showing its first official images, “Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown” has caused a stir among fans of the horror genre, generating all kinds of grotesque responses among the American public mainly.

The film had a cost of only 250 thousand dollars, and with its first advanced release in the United States and other countries, has grossed more than $12 million worldwide, positioning itself as one of the favorite tapes to compete for Oscar statuettes in the category of Best Special Effects.

What is “Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown” about?

Lovers of terror, blood and slasher will be able to meet to see the return of “Art, the Clown”, the character that is emerging as one of the favorites of the gore genre. Of course, fans of the fierce genre should be prepared for scenes never seen before, not suitable for sensitive stomachs due to its shocking scenes.

One year after the now infamous Miles County Massacre, serial killer “Art the Clown” returns to wreak havoc on a heartbroken family. This time, there is a young man named Jonathan who has a particular obsession with “Art” and his older sister “Sienna”, an artist with a penchant for cosplay.

Heir to her late father’s creative streak, his propensity for mental imbalance, and his strange and otherworldly bond with art, our protagonist is working on the meticulous design of a being of swords and sorcery that her father drew for her in a costume for Halloween. The lines between nightmare and reality are crossed when a demonic apparition guides Art to the brothers, increasing the body count with gruesome deaths.

To survive, Sienna will have to become the hero her father envisioned and face her antagonist in a world of dreams, fantasy, and legend.



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“Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown” will be released in Mexico without censorship