Terrify: you have to (re) see this over

A few weeks before the release of the highly commented Terrify 2 home, back to the first Terrifynow available on Amazon Prime Video.

With his killer clown who would pass That by Stephen King for an altar boy, Terrify 2 making headlines in the United States. Helped by word-of-mouth reminiscent of the heyday of 1980s exploitation cinema and a promotion based on vomit bags, it has greatly exceeded the 10 million dollar mark in revenue… for a budget of 250,000 poor little dollars, and despite an absence of classification from the MPAA! So much so that it ended up reaching adventurous spectators, unaccustomed to productions of the genre, to the surprise of its director.

Whereas Terrify 2 will miraculously come out in France, at the cinema, on December 28we come back to the first episode of the adventures of the psychopathic clown.

The film (left) and the audience (right)


“Look, I would have loved to have had a few people walk out of the room. I think it’s kind of an honor, because it’s an intense movie. I don’t want people to pass out, get hurt during the movie. But it’s surreal!” defended Damien Leone in the columns ofEntertainment Weekly. Perhaps the victims of his gigantic carnage (almost 2h20 on the clock, unheard of) would have known what to expect if they had watched the first film, itself preceded by a small cult.

Passed relatively unnoticed in France, until the reputation of the suite arrived in our regions, Terrify had indeed made a strong impression on fans of American gore cinema, for two reasons. First of all, it’s a real shocker : an ultra-broke, very, very independent film (35,000 dollars on the clock, who says better?) designed solely to unroll meters of guts.

Second, he staged a character instantly returned to the pantheon of boogeymen: art the clown.

Terrify: photoSurprise, Motherfucker

the origins of terrify

Thought as the antithesis of the very colorful and talkative Grippe-sous of the first adaptation of ThatArt was actually born in his first short film The Ninth Circlebefore being entitled to its own court, Terrify. His first appearance in a feature film dates back to All Hallow’s Evesketch film that compiles The Ninth Circle, Terrify and another untold story.

But it is of course the Terrify of 2016 that really made him knownin the guise of comedian David Howard Thornton, to whom he owes a lot.

Terrify: photoEvening return

And we understand why: silent mime and sad clown who remains faithful to his art, including when his prey turns against him, to the point of ogling the supernatural, he shows an immediate charisma. Like what, a good make-up and a good interpretation can transcend even the most microscopic of budgets. Admittedly, the limits of an incidental scenario (then downright non-existent), of a somewhat simplistic editing and of a slightly amateurish photograph are flagrant, but its presence prevails.

Of course, the gore effects, crafted by the filmmaker himself, had to be up to par. And it’s quite successful. One scene in particular made the film famous – warning, spoilers – : the saw scene, where good old Art cuts a poor young woman lengthwiserelentlessly (morbid and brilliant detail) particularly on his skull, much more resistant than expected.

Terrify 2 includes, it seems, a few moments of comparable or even superior bravery. We can check it in theaters in France from December 28. And Merry Christmas!

Terrify: you have to (re) see this over-gore slasher on a psychopathic clown