Thanksgiving Horror Movies To Watch Before Your Turkey Dinner

It’s November, Halloween candy is on clearance, decorations are falling and Christmas decorations are being put up as October lovers reluctantly watch. When spooky season draws to a close, horror fans everywhere are left with the uncertainty of “what am I watching next?” Christmas horror movies are a little too early to get started, though some of them can be wonderfully campy or cheesy. So what are horror fans watching throughout November to bide their time? Though rare, Thanksgiving horror movies do to exist. So if you need something so you don’t have to eat a Thanksgiving meal with your overbearing family, this is the list for you. Here are nine Thanksgiving movies to watch while mourning the loss of Halloween before turning them on kill bells.

Home Sweet Home (1981)

Realized by Nettie Pena, The sweetness of the hearth (also known as Slasher in the house) is a classic Thanksgiving tale. A mental patient addicted to PCP escapes from an institute and hijacks a station wagon to wreak havoc. The killer targets a Thanksgiving family reunion on the outskirts of Los Angeles, turning what was supposed to be a wholesome family reunion into a night that wishes to be forgotten.

Featuring Jake Steinfield, Pierre DePaulaand Vinesa Shaw, The sweetness of the hearth is a standard 80s slasher full of cheesy tropes and hilarious SFX.

Blood Rage (1987)

Also known as Nightmare in Shadow Woods and slasher, black anger (realized by John Grissmer) is another Thanksgiving-centric slasher film. In the film, Todd and Terry are identical twins who face off on Thanksgiving Day. Terry framed Todd ten years ago for the murder of his mother’s lover, and now Todd has escaped from the mental institution he was in and wants revenge. Between the confusing situation of the twins, we also have an Oedipal Terry, who refuses to allow his mother to have a lover.

Mark Soper and Louise Lasser star in this slightly goofy but bloody slasher flick with the tagline “This Thanksgiving isn’t cranberry sauce.”

Pilgrim (2019)

Part of the In the dark anthology series on Hulu, Pilgrim is a family-centric home invasion movie that invites Thanksgiving re-enactors into their homes to really practice gratitude over the holidays. Marcus Dunstan directs this insane story of pilgrims who terrorize a family and refuse to break character, forcing the estranged family to reunite and fight against these pre-colonial terrors.

Courtney Henggeler, Reign Edwardsand Kerr Smith star in one of the bloodiest of In the dark features and give us another way to enjoy Thanksgiving horror.

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Please Kill (2008)

Image via Gravitas Ventures

One of the wackiest movies on this list, Thank Killing is about a disgraced Native American who uses necromancy to create a blood-crazed killer turkey to exact revenge on the descendants of Pilgrims every 500 years. Unfortunately for a group of students (Natasha Cordoba, Lindsey Anderson, Lance Predmore, Aaron Carlsonand Ryan Francois), that 500 years is while they go home for the holidays. The killer turkey attacks!

Thank Killingrealized by Jordan Downeyactually begotten ThanksKilling 3 as a sequence (that’s right, 3, not 2) as well as Thank youKilling: the musical

Session (2006)

Realized by Marc L Smith, Session is a supernatural horror film set during the Thanksgiving holiday. Five middle schoolers are staying in their Manhattan dorms over the holidays and decide it’s the best idea to have a seance to rid the building of an annoying ghost. Of course, since this is a horror movie, they don’t end up getting rid of the ghost, they just bring up that ghost’s killer.

Brigitte Shergalis, Tori Whiteand Chauntal Lewis star in this ShockerFest winner for Best Horror Film in 2006.

Christine (2014)

Olly Blackburn directs this spooky horror movie set over the Thanksgiving holiday. A student is left alone on campus during the holidays and is stalked and targeted by three deranged cult members. The protagonist must complete the survival challenge to try to get away from the deranged cult members who will stop at nothing to kill her

Haley Bennet and Ashley Greene star in one of the highest-rated horror movies on this list, being nominated for two iHorror awards for Best Final Girl and Best Sleeper Movie.

Black Friday! (2021)

This star-studded cast, including Devon Sawa, Michael Jai Whiteand Bruce Campbell, Black Friday! is a comedy horror set on Thanksgiving night in a toy store. Angry employees prepare for Black Friday shopping while an alien parasite comes crashing down on Earth and turning the inhabitants into monsters. It’s up to the toy store employees to stand up to the angry mutants to save the toy store.

Casey Tebo directs this satirical holiday flick that should be enjoyed this Thanksgiving, especially with the addition of Bruce Campbell as a horror icon.

Boogeyman (2005)

Not set directly on Thanksgiving Day, but after the Thanksgiving break, this film explores the idea of ​​a traditional Boogeyman or monster in the closet and the protagonist having to come face to face in order to defeat him. Barry Watson plays the protagonist who feels he must return to his childhood home where his father was murdered by a boogeyman 16 years prior.

Stephen Kay helms this supernatural horror flick that reached No. 1 on its opening weekend.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Dead Chicken (2006)

Possibly the most ridiculous plot for a horror movie on the list, it’s only natural to save it for last. Lloyd Kaufmanco-founder of film studio Troma Entertainment, brings us exactly what you would expect from someone who created toxic avenger. This movie is about a fast food chain restaurant built on top of a Native American cemetery. The chickens killed and rejected from the restaurant are transformed into zombie chickens and attack the workers. While not directly tied to Thanksgiving, the chicken-themed plot makes it perfect to watch after you develop a food coma.

Oh, it’s also a musical, if that doesn’t make it more of a necessity to watch.

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