That’s how Breakout 2022 was

The City of Culture hosted the 12th edition of Breakoutfrom the EASD Mestre Mateo. Nearly 1,000 guests attended Despunte, the catwalk in which the students of the Degree in Higher Artistic Education in Fashion Design of the EASD Mestre Mateo showed their proposals. On this occasion it was presented by Marta Doviro.

Outstanding Awards

claudia figueira won the award for Best Outstanding Collection by “Spring“, the Best Collection in the category of graduate students (Roberto Verino awarded him a training contract in his company).

Eduardo Rial Barral with “To branch D’Ouro” was awarded with the Best Fusion Collection of Crafts and Fashion Design, for the best collection that integrates crafts and design (the “Fundación Artesanía de Galicia” awarded it a prize of €1,500).

Alberto Barco Ogando was the winner of the Best “Miscellaneous” Collectionthe best collection in the last year student category (Aquelando Eventos and Carmen Díaz awarded it a prize of €400).

Sonia Arnaiz Casal won the Best Jewelry Collection by “golden wave“: The Galician Jewelry College grants a 1-year subscription to the Jewelry College to the designer.

The jury of the Miscellaneous, Outstanding and Craft Awards was made up of:

– Dora Casal, CEO of Roberto Verino

– Sonia de Gerónimo, artist and artisan of her own brand Degerónimo

– Carmen Díaz, stylist at the head of Kookai Naf Naf Santiago

– Natalia Alcayde, fashion communicator.

In jewelry, the jury was made up of Luís González Bahamode, vice-president of the Official College of Jewelers of Galicia; Josefa Castro, goldsmith and manager of Noroeste Obradoiro and Arturo Ouro, president of Ourives de Compostela.

Visibility and employment opportunities

The EASD Mestre Mateo organized a day for Talent Recruitment in the City of Culture that put the students of the public study center in contact with companies in the sector interested in incorporating talent into their teams, among which was an HR representative of Inditex.

CLAUDIA FIGUEIRA CAAMANO. Despunte Award for the best collection for “PRIMAVERA”

It is born as a breath of new air that is yet to come, making those new beginnings that occur throughout our lives, an opportunity to express feelings that can hardly be conveyed by words through the season in that most dreamlike, delicate aspect. and romantic together with floriography. The key notes of this party/bridal capsule collection, made up of 5 looks, lie in the ethereal fabrics and in the natural tones present in the gauze and printed silk satin, made in collaboration with the textile artisans of Las flores de Greta , giving that finishing touch with the Ecoprint technique for the Spring/Summer 2023 season.

claudia figueira parade (1)
Claudia Figueira Parade. I ASSIGNED

EDUARDO RIAL BARRAL. Award for the best fusion of crafts and design collection for “A rama Dóuro”

“A Rama d’Ouro” ported by the shepherds (agrarian societies) that guide us through the mysterious and disturbing world of winter solstice rituals. The beings cover their bodies with skins, vegetable elements or very old blankets that allow them to cross the barrier that frees their souls from the body, entering a supernatural trance. The starting point is a very extensive anthropological study where European winter rituals converge, with the way of dressing of the Romanesque peoples, the bases of traditional modeling and clothing… All the elements that make up each of the outfits are loaded with symbologies that intersect and transport us to another dimension.

Eduardo Rial
Styling by Eduardo Rial. I ASSIGNED

ALBERTO BANDO OGANDO. Award for the best Miscellaneous collection. By “?”

This collection is born from the mix between the basic shapes of the Bauhaus school with men’s tailoring garments and an urban and fun twist that is reflected in the implementation of the trompe l’oeil through printed patches on the garments. The suits are made entirely of cold wool, the underpants and t-shirts in Egyptian cotton. These last two garments have been intervened to provide an arty touch by the artisan María Feijoo. With all this, a classic collection is articulated without falling into the historicist, a result that I have not wanted to name, so that each one can draw their conclusions. As Oscar Wilde said: “To define oneself is to limit oneself”.

Alberto ogando abo print 2 (1)
Alberto Ogando. I ASSIGNED

SONIA ARNAIZ. Award for the best jewelry collection for “Golden Wave”, a design made up of a ring, a brooch and a silver and gold necklace.

The Pasarela Despunte 2022 is a staging of the entire student body, from the first-year fashion students who are in charge of assistance tasks to the photography students with their photos, all collaborated with a good learning exercise. Juan Adrio, director of the EASD Mestre mateo, highlighted the interest of all the students in training and being creative in fashion, design and crafts.

That’s how Breakout 2022 was