The 10 best Roman Polanski movies and one that tops them all

Even though some of the best roman polanski movies are considered as jewels of the seventh art, the director is a shady figure in the industry.

The successive tug of war with justice, especially with the American, and the numerous complaints of sexual harassment he has received, are a dark cloud that levitates over his figure whenever he is talked about.


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However, the criticism has been full of praise for some films of his filmography, That’s right. Let’s collect the best based on its IMDb rating.

Today, at Hobby Consoles, we break down the filmography by Roman Polanski to highlight 10 of his best films and one that tops them all.

The best Roman Polanski movies that we are going to talk about are:


We start our list of best roman polanski movies in 2010 with The writerthe political thriller starring Ewan McGregor Y Pierce Brosnam.

A writer is commissioned write the memoirs of the British Prime Ministerso he moves to an island off the east coast of the United States.

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As the writer goes about his business, a former minister accuses the politician of committing a war crime by illegally capturing suspected terrorists and turning them over to the CIA.

Suddenly, the life of the Prime Minister of Great Britain becomes much more interesting – and dangerous – to write about.

ice moons

ice moons

We go back to 1992 in Roman Polanski’s filmography to meet ice moonsthe torrid erotic drama that has become a cult film.

Pure cinema from Polanski: the film follows two couples who meet on a cruise ship. One of her husbands begins to feel attracted to the other’s wife, so he, a paraplegic, challenges him to seduce her.

An excellent cast consisting of Peter Coyote, Emmanuelle Seigner, Hugh Grant, and Kristin Scott Thomas always invites you to want to see this film.


Death and the maiden

A couple of years after Ice Moons, Roman Polanski directed Death and the maidena dramatic thriller set in a fictional nation that has suffered for years from a cruel dictatorship.

In that country live Paulina and her husband, Gerardo, who one night, when returning home, suffers a breakdown in the car. An anonymous man offers to give him a ride.

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Everything seems normal when they get home, but Paulina, a political activist, begins to think that the unexpected guest belonged to the government that tortured her.

Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, Stuart Wilson, Karen Strassman, Carlos Moreno, and Krystia Mova shape the cast of this film from the filmmaker.



We go back to 1979 in the career of the filmmaker to bump into Tessa period drama set in the late 19th century.

A humble family in England discovers that they are actually descended from a wealthy family that has land near them.

Hopeful, they send their daughter, Tess, to the family mansion to bond with her newfound relatives and, along the way, enter a world that can provide her with a highborn husband. He won 3 of the 6 Oscars for which he was nominated..


the knife on the water

Another Oscar nominee was the knife on the waterthe 1962 Polanski-directed film before the turbulent times.

The film is set aboard a sailing ship in which a couple and a third man, from different social backgrounds, will establish a devilish triangle.

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Both men will engage in a power battle with the woman at the center of the storm.

the knife on the water nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1963, as well as BAFTA for Best Film.


Macbeth (1971)

With that taste exacerbated by intrigues, it was difficult for Roman Polanski to resist adapting the very shakespeare with Macbeth.

The Scottish general who gives the film (and the play) its title receives a visit from three witches who predict that he will become king. His wife will suck his brains out so that he does it and, taking advantage of the fact that the monarch is staying in her house, she murders him and becomes king.

However, to maintain the throne he must continue to kill, although his wife, seized by remorse, will collapse.


The chimeric tenant

Another cult film by Roman Polanski that, moreover, he also starred in in 1976, is The chimeric tenant.

Polanski plays Trelkovskythe new tenant of a Paris apartment. He is cheerful and friendly, although he hides a dark past.

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To add insult to injury, Trelkovsky’s apartment still contains the things of the previous tenant, who threw herself from the balcony.

Driven by curiosity, Trelkovsky will begin to obsess over the belongings of the woman who previously inhabited his house.



another piece of cinema Polanski’s cult song, also quite intimate, arrived in 1965: Repulsionset in London.

A young Belgian woman has a vital problem: she alternates attraction and repulsion towards men, which makes her social life especially turbulent.

Also, her sister is having an affair with a married man, which disgusts her. When the couple goes on vacation, the young woman’s mind begins to crumble.


Mia Farrow in The Devil's Baby

Polanski also made his first steps in supernatural horror with The seed of the devila film that, to a great extent, has influenced many similar productions.

A couple moves into a new building that they say is cursed. Since everything seems to be going great for them, they decide to have a child.

When she becomes pregnant, all she remembers is lying with a creature that has marked her entire body. They will soon discover that the pregnancy is not exactly normal.



The last film that Roman Polanski filmed in the United States was the masterful Chinatownan essential for lovers of film noir.

The Los Angeles water chief’s wife visits the office of Detective Gittes, a divorce specialist. She suspects that her husband is cheating on her.

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In addition, the husband is the subject of accusations of corruption among farmers in the area, who are suffering from a severe drought while he refuses to build a reservoir.

When the scandal hits the press, the woman returns to Gittes’ office with a ruthless revelation.


The pianist

The film that you all knew beforehand, the one that managed to yield to the criticism and gave Polanski his Oscar for Best Director: The pianist.

The life of Wladyslaw Szpilman during the Second World War and Nazi Germany’s cruel occupation of Warsaw is a harrowing tale.

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accompany Adrian Brody (Szpilman) in his long-suffering attempt not to end up in an extermination camp, awed the public.

With this review of his filmography, we have highlighted several of the best roman polanski moviesa director with great ability to deal with different genres masterfully.

The 10 best Roman Polanski movies and one that tops them all