The 10 movies you have to see before the end of 2022

Less and less until the curtain falls for the year, but before the work of the next one begins, these are top ten movies that have been released this 2022, one of the most encouraging years in terms cinematographic compared to the last three, with a return to movie theaters and with new blockbusters.

This year there have been unresolved mysteries, crushes that are not always entirely correct, struggles for rural life, metaverse, animated films, film icons and music of the 20th century. sometimes it turns out hard to keep up with the industry and there are many titles that end going unnoticed oh the eternal list of pending films. These are the top ten.

Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson)

Voted the best film of 2022 according to 20 minute cinemathe work of Paul Thomas Anderson It is an ode to the love of youth, difficult, intense and as beautiful as it is heartbreaking and complicated. 2 hours and 13 min. of an imperfectly romantic story.

Frame of Licorice Pizza

Alcarrás (Carla Simón)

Alcarràs deals with those stories that are visible but that people prefer not to see. About the fight, for peaches and Paraguayans, for our rights, for our life, our livelihood and our traditions. She has not managed to rise as a nominee for international film at the oscarsbut it does not need much to be one of the essential films of 2022.

Frame of Alcarràs

Everything at once everywhere (Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert)

The multiverse is in fashion, but this is not Marvel, nor does it need to be. The daniels they gambled and won. Between martial arts, laughter and melodrama, the story of Evelyn (michelle yeoh) gives a twist to the narratives about the alteration of space-time in a film that, at the end of the year, we can once again affirm that “it truly is everything”.

Everything at once everywhere
Still from All at Once Everywhere

Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion (Rian Johnson)

In 2019, rian johnson brought back the ‘whodunnit’ a la Agatha Christie and already then we knew that benoit blanc it had come to stay. Despite having premiered on Netflix a week before the end of the year, with his striped bathing suit, his awkward humor and his skills for deduction, the new case of the detective played by Daniel Craig has shown that this murder saga is here to stay.

Daggers in the Back The Glass Onion Mystery
Still from Daggers in the Back The Mystery of the Glass Onion

The worst person in the world (Joachim Trier)

Nobody warned us that, with the end of the 20s, new adult responsibilities and a great existential abyss would come. We needed more stories about fear and drift into which we plunged when you turn 30. A search for love that will never be as we dreamed.

the worst person in the world
Still from The Worst Person in the World

Pacification (Albert Serra)

“As it happens to us in front of an impressionist work, when contemplating it we only guess the main lines of the image, which remain reduced to their essence and diluted by an almost supernatural chromatic mixture that could well have been inspired by Gauguin”, they wrote in Cinemania. That is the cinema Albert Serra, about him postcolonialism, war and politicsin a painting that is far from the classicism of Carracci.

Still from Pacificction

Manticore (Carlos Vermut)

Between video games, sexual desires, torments of the past and a false sensation of happiness, is the love story of Diana (Zoe Stein) and Julian (Nacho Sanchez). Among this year’s Spanish films, Manticora stands as “the firm candidate to be the best spanish film less easy to recommend.”

Carlos Vermouth
Manticore Frame

As beasts (Rodrigo Sorogoyen)

Galicia, Sorogoyen and Isabel Peña and the story of a French couple who decided to start a new life in a Spanish village. As bestas is tension, it’s country thrillerIt is the struggle of a married couple for a life project, for their home, to maintain what they have managed to create against those who see themselves as having the right to take it from them.

as beasts
Frame of As bestas

Red Rocket (Sean Baker)

Because nothing is black or white and because the story of seduction between a porn star come to less and a young woman of almost 18 years can be pretty but incorrect. Of those films that awaken the contradiction between what is morally correct and what we feel, Baker makes us uncomfortable and, in provoking it, makes us participants in the narrative.

Red Rocket
Red Rocket frame

Armageddon Time (James Gray)

The 80s, racism and elitism of a decade in which it was believed that having an education was synonymous with success are the protagonists of this film of James Gray which, led by the young actor Michael Banks Repeat (and supported by the always masterful Anne Hathaway Y Anthony Hopkins), narrates the loss of innocence that comes with facing reality.

Armageddon Time
Frame from Armageddon Time

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The 10 movies you have to see before the end of 2022