The 5 films, series and anime that we think should have a video game adaptation!

The website Screening recently unearthed a subreddit of users explaining which films or series would deserve a video game adaptation. The ideas of some seduced us, and others imposed themselves as evidence.


Series that marked a whole generation, more by its early cancellation than the quality of its content, moreover, firefly would probably make a great video game. Why not an MMORPG, for example in which “You can buy ships, hire a crew, become a merchant, mercenary, assassin, bounty hunter, businessman, join the army, or simply start a business on one planets.” tells the user of reddit adaminc.

The description, although frankly ambitious, is envy, whether you are a fan of Firefly or not. Who knows, maybe Starfield, the next game from Bethesda, will meet some of these criteria? To have.


Two words, or rather three: Shining / Silent Hill. On our side, we are already conquered. Additionally, the movie Stanley Kubrick is so excellent, that it is adapted into a Silent Hill-likeinto a slightly more action game like resident Evilor simply in walking simulator / point and click à la Amnesiathat he could not make a bad video game, provided, of course, that it is put in the right hands…


Parks And Rec

Parks And Rec is a “mockumentary” series similar to The Office in which we follow a team of American government employees, more specifically from the Parks and Recreation branch, who live incredible adventures. According to redditor Dunno 260, Parks and Rec would make a great tycoon game :

“I think a fun little sandbox game could be taken from Parks and Rec, much like Roller Coaster Tycoon meets SimTown,” he wrote.

Indeed, a kind of green space management simulation could be fun, especially since this type of game often has a humorous dimension, just like the series from which it would be taken.



What do you think of a kind of Supernatural meets The Witcher 3 ? You play as a hunter of ghosts/demons and other supernatural entities who travels from town to town (using his trusty Mustang) to help people, while following the common thread of your own story. Not bad is not it ? the RPG in open mode sorely lacking in this supernatural horror aspect that we love so much.



A game point and click classic, or rather in first person vision in the universe of Lostas a kind of Myst modern, or The Witness, in which we explore the mysterious island by trying to pick up the pieces of our history, that of the other passengers, but also by trying to understand the true nature of what surrounds us… Another good idea? Anyway, we like it.


What do you think of our ideas for adaptations of series (and a film) in video games? You have any ideas ? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

The 5 films, series and anime that we think should have a video game adaptation!