The 6 most terrifying haunted places in Paris


A name that easily echoes the morbid atmosphere of this place. A closed place, with agonizing corridors filled with human bones and the scene of many gloomy legends… And yes, how can you hear people shiver with fear without even mentioning “The Catacombs” of Paris? In the 18th century, the workers who were raising the stones from the quarries to rebuild the city said that they were being taunted by a green man emerging from the galleries. Some underground explorers say they feel a heavy presence behind them. Strong emotions perfect for you, if you want to play it Paranormal Activity! In addition, when you know the history of this place, there is something to want to flee. In fact, with the removal and evacuation of the Cimetière des Innocents, the site will collect bones from all the cemeteries in Paris. Basically it’s a gigantic underground tomb. What better way to come into contact with the dead?

The Catacombs of Paris
1, avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy (place Denfert-Rochereau), Paris 14


At first glance, nothing very worrying, it is even a haven of peace where one would like to live. But if you go through the gate of Villa Frochot, you will quickly understand where the proverb comes from “do not sell the skin of the bear before having killed it”. This house was the scene of a sordid story: a maid was brutally murdered there with a poker on the stairs. His soul would haunt the place ever since. Neighbors say they still hear sinister noises today and even see the house moving! And because it can’t be sordid enough, the new owners in turn die prematurely and in mysterious circumstances. The neo-Gothic style does nothing to help the morbid atmosphere of the place: stained glass windows, small garden, gargoyles on the front door… The perfect decor to install ghosts there. So, if you are thirsty for thrills, stop by, and who knows, maybe the ghost of the chambermaid will greet you?

1 avenue Frochot, Paris 9


If you don’t feel an icy breeze when entering this church, that’s not normal. Even Dorothée, ghost hunter, confided to the newspaper The Express this place has been “swarming with ghosts for a few years. I’m freezing.” Indeed, the history of this chapel is loaded with tragedies. This chapel is actually a monument intended to pay homage to several victims. On May 4, 1897, dozens of people perished on the very site of the church, in the fire at the Charité bazaar. Many visitors heard distressing noises and even witnessed paranormal apparitions. So, still ice?

Our Lady of Consolation
23 Rue Jean Goujon, Paris 8


There is, rue de Bièvre, a mysterious legend that will make you regret not believing in gypsy witchcraft. But if you are a follower of the Peaky Blinders and their beliefs, then this strange place is for you! But first of all, let’s remember the unique story of the gypsy on rue de Bièvre. At the beginning of the last war, there was at number 1 bis an old disreputable bistro frequented mainly by drunks. One winter day, the boss was found dead behind his counter from a stab wound. Shortly after, a provincial winemaker inherited the bistro and moved there with his wife Paulette. And then one day, Valentin finds his wife at a table with a gypsy who gives him a card trick. Jealous, he tries to drive him away with his dog’s fangs. As he leaves, the stranger mumbles incomprehensible remarks to the animal. The following days, the dog dies. The gypsy reappears some time later in the bistro and this time mumbles sinister incantations to Valentin. A few days later, he dies. A strange story that does not end there. In 1943, the house was in danger of collapsing, the German authorities then sent workers but shortly after, they suffered from a violent alopecia areata. Since then, no one has dared to build there. And you, would you dare to take a look there after his revelations?

Rue de Bievre
Paris 9


It is the most cursed street in Paris, it has already been the scene of very media stories. At least three in the space of 40 years, at different numbers on rue Erlanger. Something to send shivers down your spine! The first phenomenon, a fire in 2019 at number 17. 10 inhabitants lost their lives there. In 1981, Isseï Sagawa, a 32-year-old Japanese student, lured Renée Hartevelt, a young 24-year-old Dutch student, to his studio at 10 rue Erlanger. Having repelled his advances, she succumbed to a .22 long rifle bullet in the back of the neck. The young student will rape her before devouring her while photographing her, stripped of her limbs. He will end up hiding it in two suitcases and will call for a taxi to transport them to the Bois de Boulogne. And finally, in April 1975, singer Mike Brant fell from the 6th floor of a building located at 6 rue Erlanger while he was at a friend’s house. Seriously injured in the head, he died before reaching the hospital. Several hypotheses will circulate but according to the family of the singer, the latter was depressed and committed suicide. So, if you hope for a phenomenon to happen there, you will surely not be disappointed…

Rue Erlanger
Paris 16


Nestled in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, lost in nature, this macabre-looking castle has everything from a bad movie set. And with its history, we quickly understand why. Its first owners, a doctor and a seamstress, were a happy couple until a terrible tragedy came to mark the castle forever… The woman was indeed the victim of a terrible road accident, leaving after-effects irreversible. Since then, the legend says that strange phenomena descend on all the couples trying to invest the manor. Besides being a rundown place imposing a sinister atmosphere, an old piano accentuates this horror movie scene. So, if you go there, you might be able to hear a few dusty keyboard keys, played by the unhappy couple…?

The 6 most terrifying haunted places in Paris