The 7 most anticipated series for 2023

Without a doubt, 2022 was a year full of film and series premieres. However, this coming year could be even better since there are several titles that have thousands of people excited. What are the most anticipated releases? Here we tell you all the details.


Of course the new series by the national actor, Peter Pascalis one of the most anticipated for 2023. The adaptation of the popular Playstation video game will be released on January 15 both on the HBO cable channel and on the HBO Max streaming platform. The synopsis is about a man, played by Pascal, who must transport a young woman who could be the key to finding a cure for the global pandemic that is destabilizing the world and generating post-apocalyptic chaos.


The reboot of that 70s show also another of the most anticipated premieres. And it is that the return of the Forman. On this occasion, Eric and Donna’s daughter comes to her grandparents’ house to spend a summer in which she will meet friends who will change her life. In the same way, there will be cameos of the original characters. The series premieres January 19 on Netflix.


Star Wars fans are looking forward to the third season of Mando and Grogu. This will focus, after the little boy gave up following the path of the Jedi, on the conflict in the fate of all Mandalorians after Din Djarin took control of the Dark Saber in the previous season finale. Its premiere on Disney + is set for March 1.


The series starring Alexandra Daddariowho gained great fame after The White Lotus. The series promises to be a supernatural thriller that is based on Anne Rice’s trilogy of novels that are part of the popular universe to which “Interview with the Vampire” also belongs. Its premiere is January the 8th in the United States, but There is no date for our territory yet.

poker face

In one of the most intriguing new series of the coming months. And it is that after the success of Glass Onion director rian johnson will remain in the realm of mysteries. The series stars Natasha Lyonne (Russian doll) in the role of a woman who manages to identify when someone is lying and, therefore, makes use of that ability to solve crimes. The production also has its cast Andrien Brody and Chloe Sevigny. This will be released on 26 of January in the United States and for now it does not have a release date in Latin America.


The team behind the acclaimed comedy Ted Lasso will collaborate again in this comedy starring Jason Segel (How I Me Your Mother). Segel will play a therapist who, mired in depression, begins to say exactly what he thinks of his clients. This leads him to have conflicts with another psychiatrist played by Harrison Ford (Star Wars). This will be released on January 27th.


The second season of the reboot of sex and the city It is also one of the most anticipated releases for this year. Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s adventures in the Big Apple will continue to take wild turns. From Miranda’s coming out to Carrie’s grief, this season promises a lot. So far, the series is supposed to premiere sometime in the first half of next year.

The 7 most anticipated series for 2023