The Amazon Prime Video series of January 2023: Vox Machina returns!

After telling you about movie coming to Prime Video in January 2023, we will now focus on TV series, which, between comedies, TV shows, animated series and horror thrillers, will cover a wide variety of genres. Among the new proposals, the charming and mysterious stand out The rigAnd I’m Lillo, focused on the well-known Italian comedian. As for some important returns, Hunters And The Legend of Vox Machina are undoubtedly the most awaited, even if the first will have to demonstrate that they have filed away the many defects that had characterized the previous season.

Finally, for those who want to start the year with a smile, the arrival of the La Befana Vien Di Pintusand of LOL: Is Rira Le Dernier here?where the latter will lead us to meet some great comedians from Québéc, ready to take part in a show that has the same rules as the Italian counterpart, for a January that promises to be very interesting.

I’m Lillo Season 1 (January 5, 2023)

Pasquale Petroloknown by many as Lilloafter participating in the LOL show (have you read the review of LOL Xmas Special?), is now ready to be the protagonist of a series totally focused on his character, in which we will experience the dualism between Lillo himself and his Posaman.

In fact, Lillo is not satisfied with his life, and will try to change it starting from the very character that brought him to the fore, to a comedy series capable of also raising some interesting reflections. Sono Lillo will have a first season consisting of eight total episodes, and will arrive on the platform starting January 5th.

The Rig Season 1 (January 6, 2023)

Directed by John Strickland And Alex Holmesand filmed in Scotland, The Rig is a new supernatural thriller series created by David Macphersonwhich will be divided into six episodes full of mysteries and tension.

At the center of the story we will find the crew of a North Sea oil rig, who will face a sudden threat that will put everyone in grave danger. Indeed, after a mysterious fog has enveloped the platform, communications to the outside will be suddenly cut offas strange events start to hit the spot, leading the crew members to face a borderline situation that will put them to the test.

Hunters Season 2 (January 13, 2023)

As we wrote in hunters reviewthe first season of the series written and conceived by David Weil, despite a top-level cast, hadn’t completely convinced us. Indeed, Hunters, during the first season, ended up falling victim to a confusing and unconvincing storywhich failed to give the right depth to its protagonists.

In fact, the protagonist Nazi hunters struggled to be part of a plot that was not always managed in the right way, and this second season, set between the early 70s and ’79, will therefore have to try to find the right balance between the elements involved, so as to finally give us a product capable of keeping up with the many expectations that were created at the start. Among the great return of the cast, Al Pacino will again play Meyer Offerman, and will be accompanied by Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone and Kate Mulvany.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 (January 20, 2023)

The epic and irreverent journey of the adventurers protagonists of Vox Machina had characterized a convincing first season, capable of entertaining and capturing the spirit of the original campaign of Dungeons & Dragons.

In the Review of The Legend of Vox Machinawe underlined how the authors had been able to give a well-orchestrated story accompanied by well-characterized characters who, thanks to their humour, were capable of reviving the atmosphere of the immortal D&D. After the previous season finale, all fans of the title are now waiting to understand how the story will evolve, for one of the most anticipated animated series next month.

All other series coming to Prime Video in January 2023

Supernatural Season 15 (January 1, 2023)
Eric Kripke’s dark fantasy title, after years of exciting stories given to its fans, has finally come to an end, for a fifteenth season that has been made available on Prime Video for a few days. The incredible journey of the Winchester brothers has therefore reached its epilogue, which you will see Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) And Castiel (Misha Collins) ready for the final battle that will close a story as long-lived as it is fascinating.

La Befana Vien Di Pintus (January 3, 2023)
Maurizio Casagrande, Malika Ayane, Francesco Cicchella and Leonardo Fiaschi are guests of the comedy show directed by Angelo Pintuswhich promises to deliver an epiphany full of laughter marked by the humor of the well-known comedian.

LOL: Is Rira Le Dernier here? , Season 1 (January 6, 2023)
Directly from Québéc, here comes a new adaptation of the famous LOL format which also inspired the Italian version, for ten comedians who will compete trying to do everything to eliminate the other competitorsbetween jokes and gags that could make us Italians smile too, especially if you know the French language.

The Test: A New Era For Team Australia Season 2 (January 13, 2023)
After the scandals that hit the team, australian national team cricket team players get into the game to regain the trust of the fans, trying to give their best on the pitch by redeeming what happened off it.

A Doctor in the Family, season 5-10 (January 22, 2023)
The successful Italian series Un Medico In Famiglia will see its last seasons land in the Prime Video catalog, and in a few weeks you will therefore be able to recover a series that has been able to entertain viewers for a long time, thanks to simple stories and characters capable of capturing and involving.

The Amazon Prime Video series of January 2023: Vox Machina returns!