The appearance of Hinojos

Roads around the world have points that are tremendously conflictive, often called as “Black spots” due to the high incidence of accidents that can be experienced in it. But, on a paranormal level, there are also roads where the impossible manifests itself.

One of them could well be the one that happened to narrate and that is in Hinojos. That is where we are going to stop inside the world of mystery. When I was researching to write my book “Huelva Supernatural” (Ed. Niebla), there were many testimonies that came to me from “girl of the curve” in different parts of the province. In some cases they were no more than comments and in others they were supported by the testimonies of people, some of whom I had direct contact with and collected in my interviews.

There are many urban legends that speak of “the girl with the curve” -all over Spain- but there are cases that will repeat themselves and repeat the scenario. Hinojos treasures one of these strange experiences, various encounters for which no explanation can be found and which, perhaps, be more of the beyond than of the here.

A matter of four years ago, in 2018, Juan Jesús Puente told me: “I was driving on the way to Hinojos, I had to do some business there, the day was terrible, it was raining heavily and the road was barely visible. The thing is, I was in the car wanting to make that last visit. I remember that it was already late, around eight o’clock and the rain did not stop falling. I arrived a few kilometers from Hinojos, almost in the last stretch of the road, and that was when I saw a young man who was walking on the shoulder and that the World Cup was falling on him”.

Juan Jesús continued: “I illuminated him with the car and slowed down a bit, I saw him perfectly: a white tunic and the hood put on with his hands in his pockets with a constant walk towards the town. I slowed down a lot and when I got to the side I rolled down the window and said: “Shall I take you to town? You’re going to get soaked” and the boy, whose face I didn’t see, disappeared in front of me. The shock that I hit in the car was enormous and I looked carefully but there was no one there, and it was not my imagination. Then I searched the internet to see if something strange had happened there but I didn’t find anything ”he concluded in which he was certain that it was a“ boy from the curve ”.

Coincidence or not, the truth is that four years later a person contacted me to tell me about a similar experience at the same point. My caller’s name is Carmen R. and she explained to me: “Good evening, my name is Carmen, the reason for writing to you is to report an event that recently occurred to my son. This was on November 27, he was going from Villamanrique to Seville with a friend, it was already night and before reaching Hinojos, they see a person in a white robe on the shoulder, as he passed by the side, he stared at him, they could not properly appreciate his face, he was very afraid and can no longer know what happened. I don’t know if you’ve had a similar story.”

Carmen added: “They saw him from behind, he was alone on the shoulder and as that person or whatever it was passed by, he stared at him without distinguishing his face very well.”.

Explanation? In appearance there is no because it is striking to find a person who wears a white tunic on a road and with such marked characteristics. Accidents and events that cause dangerous situations occur on all roads, Hinojos is not out of this consideration but even stranger is the description of that “person” who appeared on it and who, according to witnesses, attends to what is A roadside apparition.

The appearance of Hinojos