The Bermuda Triangle, popular legend or chilling reality?

Florence Amat / Digital Aviation, Sp. – The Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devil’s Triangle or the Triangle of Death, is an area that has been on the lips of many conspiracy theorists around the world for almost 80 years. The truth is that the disappearances that occurred in the Triangle are part myth and part truth. What stories are those that have been feeding the mystery of Bermuda year after year?

The Bermuda Triangle refers to the area between the Bermuda Islands, the Florida beach and Puerto Rico. This part of the Atlantic Ocean is characterized by its bad climate and adverse weather conditions. It is not surprising that aeronautical accidents can occur in the area, but in the 1940s there was not enough technology or knowledge to attribute these mysterious disappearances to mere natural causes.

The case of Flight 19

It was precisely in 1945 when the case of the flight 19 fanned the flame of the Bermuda Triangle mystery. five planes of the US Navy disappeared in early December of this year, along with their 14 crew members. Stranger were the conditions of the rescue, where they were sent two rescue planes and only one of them returned to its destination. In total, 27 soldiers disappeared during those days.

For decades, the story of the “paranormal” events in the Bermuda Triangle was related to the actions of the UFOs or the existence of black holes in the area, since aircraft remains were never found. However, several scientists have arduously investigated the case to offer slightly more rational explanations.

In the first place, it is false that the flight conditions that day were ideal, as was said at first: in reality there were waves that exceeded 15 meters in height. In addition, it is highly probable that the pilot in charge of the crew could have committed a human error. The plane that went to his rescue was sighted at the time of its explosion, due to the attack by foreign air forces.

The remains were found already in 1999. After several years of study, it was concluded that the cause of the accident was human error (the only experienced pilot, the lieutenant, did a bad job guiding them) since they deviated too far west, losing any telecommunications contact. Additionally, they ran out of fuel, falling hopelessly into the sea.

More aerial disappearances in Bermuda

Now that there are explanations for the mysteries that occurred in Bermuda, the truth is that the mystery that surrounds this area no longer attracts so much attention; but at the time it gave a lot to talk about. In 1947 a vanished C-54 US Army 160 from Bermuda, with 6 men on board.

In 1948, the aircraft mysteriously disappeared. Tudor IV Star Tiger along with its 32 passengers. The search for this vessel mobilized 30 planes and 10 ships, which only found boxes and an empty oil drum. Also that same year, a private DC-3 with 36 people on board disappeared, with origin Puerto Rico and destination Miami.

The following year, in 1949, a second Tudor IV disappeared, the star ariel, which followed a route from London to Santiago de Chile, passing through Jamaica and the Bermuda Triangle. His remains were never found. This and the previous incident caused Avro Tudor IV operations to cease to exist.

Avro Lancaster, similar to the Star Ariel and Star Tiger

Between 1950 and 1973, they were lost 11 more aircraft. In one of these cases, the C-119 Flying Boxcar As it faded, the radio connection to people on the ground was also gradually lost as in the case of Flight 19. Because of this, many people thought that the planes “ascended in space or time”, since the messages appeared choppy. and they quickly disappeared. Many people thought that these messages were intercepted by aliens or a force majeure.

Although nothing has ever been known about most of the accidents -because searching for the remains of the planes is difficult, especially in that area where the waters are turbulent-, a general consensus has been reached that these disappearances or Accidents have nothing to do with the supernatural. In most cases, human or technical errors are what unfortunately endangered the safety of the planes and their crews. It also doesn’t help that the Bermuda Triangle area has considerably high air traffic.

Proof that the Bermuda Triangle is not a black hole

Just a few days ago, remains of the challenger Shuttle, which disintegrated 73 seconds after being ejected and about which much more was never known. In this tragic accident that occurred in 1986, 7 people died due to a failure in their “O” rings.

This piece of the rocket, about 4.5 meters long, has been confirmed as part of the Challenger by the POT. The remains were found purely by chance, as the investigative team was gathering information for a History Channel documentary called The Bermuda Triangle: In cursed waters. What they will be able to confirm in this documentary is that, definitely, there is no force superior to us that engulfs ships and planes and that the Bermuda Triangle is not cursed.

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