The Biblical Formula for Getting What We Need

If you are having a bad time, the writer Claudio de Castro recommends that you copy that verse from the Bible and paste it in different places in your house

“That is why I tell you: whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have already received it and you will get it«

Mark 11

You know me and you know that I don’t usually ask rhetorical questions. This is a very valid one: Do you believe Jesus? Now I’ll explain why I do it.

I have spent several days reflecting on these words of Jesus. “Believe that you have received it and you will get it.” It is the biblical formula to obtain what we need.

Before writing an article for Aleteia I like to pray, reflect, think. I ask myself many questions.

And it is that these days I have received emails from different readers in which they share with me the difficulties they are going through. They ask for prayer. And they do well. Prayer will certainly help you. I have seen it and it works.

God always welcomes our prayers.

Some ask me what to do.

things that work

My answer has changed very little over the years. I’m not an expert giving advice, but I’ve noticed that certain positive attitudes work wonders and they can help us get ahead.

I have tried them. That is why I am encouraged to share them with you. I will tell you what I have learned in these years. Take the test and tell me how it went. I leave you my e-mail at the end of the writing.


Do not give up. You can succeed if you don’t give up. Sometimes there is so little that is missing and we leave the race disappointed. Go ahead and start over.


A good sacramental confession always helps, followed by Mass and communion. Confession not only restores your friendship with God. It strengthens you and helps you overcome difficulties with a positive attitude.

3visit jesus

One hour daily in the Tabernacle. Talk to Him, explain everything to Him, ask for His help. He is a great friend and is always willing to shake hands. He usually tells her: “Thank you for loving us so much and helping us despite what we are and do.”


The prayer of the Holy Rosary helps me a lot. I have noticed that as I pray the Rosary I am filled with a supernatural peace that allows me to think clearly and find solutions to my problems.

5read the Bible

This point used to not recommend it. Serious mistake. Now I do it with enthusiasm. In it you find the promises of Jesus, words of comfort and wisdom, spiritual guidance and a path to holiness. It is simply wonderful. It leaves no one indifferent.

«Certainly, the Word of God is alive Y effective, and sharper than any two-edged sword. It penetrates to the borders between the soul and the spirit, to the joints and medulla; and scrutinizes the feelings and thoughts of the heart. There is no invisible creature for her: everything is naked and patent in the eyes of the One to whom we must give an account».

Hebrews 4, 12-13

I recently read that there are over 3,500 promises for you in the Holy Scriptures. They are not of much use to us if we do not know them, that is why it is urgent that we start reading the Bible. That Bible abandoned in a corner or a drawer in your house, dust it off and open it. He has a lot to tell you.

Do you believe Jesus?

If your answer is a resounding “yes”, we’re good. I leave you with this promise of his. Read it slowly.

And it’s better if it’s out loud. It will help you regain peace, the joy of living, enthusiasm. We just need in this wonderful equation to have a little more faith.

girl praying

“Truly I say to you: if they had faiththe size of a grain of mustard, would say to this hill: Get out of there and go beyond, and the hill would obey. Nothing would be impossible for you.

Matthew 17

It’s in your hand

Imagine the scope of those words. Its significance. You would solve any problem. You could help other people in need of help or a voice of encouragement. You would have anything you ask of God as long as it is for your personal or spiritual well-being.

If you are having a bad time I recommend that you copy that verse from the Bible and paste it in different places in your house. Read it out loud. Make sure it’s real.

It’s time to start believing Jesus. And if you lack faith and don’t know how to get it, go to the Tabernacle and ask Jesus for it.

If you find it hard to believe or you are stunned by so much suffering, I leave you 3 great articles from Aleteia. They are like a balm for the soul and will help you overcome your current situation.

suffering man

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God bless you!

The Biblical Formula for Getting What We Need