‘The Boys’: New image of the fourth season with a clue about Starlight

Warning, SPOILERS!

*This article includes spoilers for the third season of ‘The Boys’. Do not continue reading if you are not up to date with the series.

The path traveled by Luz Estelar (Starlight) in ‘The Boys’ has been long and full of challenges, but the young superhero still has a lot of fight ahead of her. At the beginning of the series, the innocent Annie January joined The 7 to fulfill her dream of saving the world, but as soon as she joined the Vought International supergroup she discovered that things were not as she thought.

Throughout the series we have seen Starlight searching for her own voice to rebel against Vought and fight its corruption from within, which has led her to ally herself with Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Billy Butcher’s (Karl Urban) gang. . The relationship between Starlight and The Boys became closer in the third season, where we saw the superheroine from Des Moines make a move against Patriota (Antony Starr) revealing to the whole world the truth about him and the evil corporation he works for in a video.

Moriarty will return in the fourth season, but after the events of the third, her role will be different, since after playing something of a spy within Vought, will now officially be part of The Boys. This is how a new image that the official account of Vought International has shared, where we see the mural of The 7 in Vought Tower updated to remove the traitor from the group.

This is the message with which the fictitious corporation accompanies the image, in the satirical line of the series: “At Vought, we believe in providing a safe and welcoming work environment for employees. That’s why we’ve removed Starlight from the famous Vought Tower mural, at minimal cost to our shareholders. Now we can get back to our important work without the look of a traitor on us!”. With this publication, ‘The Boys’ anticipates an open war between Vought and Luz Estelar. This changes the dynamic of the series for the new episodes, where the almighty company will have to weather a new image crisis, with possible changes in its star formation in sight.

What we know about the season so far

Filming for the fourth season of ‘The Boys’ recently began in Canada. Its creator, Eric Kripke, and the cast have already shared several behind-the-scenes images with hints about the path the series will take. We already know the title of the first episode, ‘Department of Dirty Tricks’, and we know that The season will feature two new superheroines in its ranks, Firecracker (Valorie Curry) and Sister Sage (Susan Weyward)., that knowing the series, will make people talk for sure. On the other hand, the fourth season will welcome Jeffrey Dean Morgan (‘The Walking Dead’), who will work with Kripke again after ‘Supernatural’, in a role yet to be revealed.

‘The Boys’: New image of the fourth season with a clue about Starlight