The children of the night Rai 5 film

A 17-year-old is sent to boarding school by his mother who is leaving for work. For him it will be an uphill journey.

Rai 5 proposes the film entitled The children of the night. It is a comedy genre film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is ofItalythe year of realization is 2016 and the duration is one hour and 25 minutes.

The children of the night film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Andrea De Sica. Main protagonists are Giulio And Edward interpreted respectively by Vincenzo Crea And Ludovico Succio. Also in the cast Fabrizio Rongione in the role of Mathias.

Filming took place in Italyin particular a Dobbiaco and neighboring areas in the territory of Trentino Alto Adige.

The production is of the Live Film in collaboration with Tarantula And Rai Cinema.

The film is known internationally with the same title.

Children of the night film where it is shot

The children of the night – plot of the film broadcast on Rai 5

Giulio, 17, is sent by his mother – leaving for a long business trip – to a boarding school attended by other offspring of rich families, just like him. A sort of “golden prison”, isolated among the Alps, to whom inadequate parents delegate the task of forming the ruling class of tomorrow. In this cold and spooky place, kids are cut off from everything, no visits or outings, even the use of the internet and cell phones is limited to a few minutes a day.

To take care of the class of Giulio is Mathias, an educator who seems to know the wishes and fears of those young people very well. Surviving the strict college rules is tough, Giulio but find a friend, Edward, who may be a little out of his mind, but who seems to be the smartest of them all. The two become inseparable, and together they discover that the rigid security of the boarding school lowers their guard at night; thus begins a series of escapes to a forbidden place in the heart of the woods surrounding the college, a nightclub where Giulio and Edward they know Elenaa young prostitute, whose fate will be indelibly linked to that of the two boys.

Final spoiler

The night is a space of freedom and the terrain of new and disturbing experiences for Giulio and Edward, whose trajectories are however attracted by opposite polarities. However, reality soon interrupts the dream flow of these nights that seem to have no end. The boys discover that transgression is part of the educational offer and that the boarding school knows everything about the club and the night outings. Will there be an escape from the future that families and the boarding school are preparing for them?

The children of the final movie night

Children of the night: the full cast

Below is the cast of the film The children of the night and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Vincenzo Create: Giulio
  • Ludovico Succio: Edward
  • Fabrizio Rongione: Mathias
  • Yuliia Sobol: Elena
  • Luigi Bignone: Riccardo
  • Peter Monfreda: Paul
  • Michael Bernhard Plattner: Michi
  • Marco Boriero: Reinhart
  • Franco Moscon: Professor Hercules

The children of the night Rai 5 film – plot, cast, final