The creators of Stranger Things anticipated what will be seen in the fifth season

The creators of Stranger Things anticipated what will be seen in the fifth season – Credits: @Tina Rowden/Netflix

This Sunday night, at an event held in the city of Los Angeles, the creators of stranger thingsRoss and Matt Duffer, and executive producer Shawn Levy, gave the first hints of what can be seen in the fifth and final season of the success of Netflix.

“ We delivered the first script a couple of weeks ago and we are already working on the second. We are going full steam ahead,” Ross Duffer told event moderator Patton Oswalt. During the day, in addition to the creatives, some members of the cast were also present, such as Caleb McLaughlin, Joseph Quinn, Jamie Campbell Bower, Priah Ferguson, Eduardo Franco and Millie Bobby Brown, who appeared virtually.

“I remember in the first season we were amazed that Netflix would let us do this, but it was only in the second season that we really, with the writers, developed a general plan and a backstory for all of this and made sure that, in the end, Upside Down, everything is what it is ”, added the creator of the story. He also revealed that they started showing much of that plan they had in mind in season four.

“We still have a lot to introduce, but beyond the supernatural we now have many characters, most of whom are still alive, and it is important to close those arcs. A lot of these characters have grown since the first season, so there’s a balance between giving them time to complete their dramatic arcs and also tying up loose ends and making our final reveals,” Duffer continued.

Matt Duffer said few people know how the story will end, including Netflix executives, who were presented with the full story in a two-hour meeting. “We got them to cry, which I thought was a good sign,” he said with a laugh. “The only times I’ve seen them cry were in budget meetings,” he adds, following the joking tone.

Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 4

“Having been in that meeting room for two hours, and having read this first script, I’m afraid of spoiling something. Likewise, I will say that despite the fact that the series has become very famous, that the characters have become iconic, that a lot has been shown about the 80s, the supernatural, everything ends up revolving around these people, these characters ” Levy added, adding: “The fifth season is dealing with these stories and the characters because that has always been the soul of stranger things”.

Ross said that they see the fifth season as “a culmination of all the seasons, so it has a little bit of each, whereas before each season was very different from the other.”: number three, it’s our big summer hit season with our big monster; four was psychological terror,” he explained. “I think what we are trying to do is go back to the beginning, following the tone of season one a bit, but keeping the scale of what was the four”, he added and concluded: “I hope it has a little bit of everything”.

The finale of the fourth season, which mixed science fiction, horror and fantasy, left fans of the series fascinated; but also puzzled by a open denouement and the need for a plot closure in the story, headed by Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven). Now could a character reappear endearing that he lost his life in defense of his friends in the last installment.

Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things 4 – Credits: @Gentleza Netflix

Currently, the fifth installment is in the production process and the Duffer brothers elaborate the continuation of the story, although the actors and actresses of the series are not yet on the recording set. It was learned that between the end of the previous one and the next premiere there will be a time jump. Furthermore, hethe writers of fiction shared the title of episode 501: The Crawl (The trackingin its English translation).

The premiere of the fifth season will give the end of the story of the seriesbut the production will not be closed, since the Universo de stranger things It will keep your characters alive. A) Yes, Shawn Leviwho produced and directed some chapters of the fiction, confirmed that will create the STCU (Stranger Things Cinematic Universe), where there may be a spin offthe individual journeys of some characters are developed or parallel fictions are created.

The creators of Stranger Things anticipated what will be seen in the fifth season