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Set in a small Mexican town, The Envoys is a TV series with Miguel Angel Silvestre about two Vatican priests who are sent to investigate some alleged miracles.

Full of mysteries, intrigue and suspense, this television series whose original Spanish title is Los Enviadosis a product not to be missed, for lovers of supernatural thrillers such as for example Lost, The Leftovers, The OA or From.

On the occasion of the release in Italy, let’s see together, in this in-depth article, everything there is to know about it, to get prepared for the vision. In the next chapters, in fact, I will tell you about plot, telling you what it’s about. Below, you will also find information about the main members of the castyou will be able to know how many there are episodes and the seasons and finally, I will explain to you where to see The Envoys in streaming.

Gli Envoys (The Envoys) plot

There plot of the TV series The Envoys is set in a small town in Mexico and, more precisely, in San Acacius. The protagonists of this story are Pedro Salinas and Simon Antequeratwo priests of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The two go to San Acacius as envoys from the Vatican, to verify an alleged miraculous healing by another priest…just a pity that, upon their arrival, the man mysteriously disappears.

Following this supernatural event, the two priests come across a community on the outskirts of the city, which seems to hide more than a secret about the miracles and disappearances that take place there.

In an attempt to solve the mysteries, however, the two members of the clergy will find themselves having to fear for their lives and their faith will be pushed to the extreme.

The Envoys cast

In the cast of this TV series the two main interpreters are Luis Gerardo Mendez (The Resort) in the role of Pedro Salinas and Miguel Angel Silvestre (Sky Red, Sense 8) in the role of Simon Antequera.

Other relevant members of the cast they understand Irene Azuela in the role of Adriana Cortes and Miguel Rodarte in the role of Federico Molina Reyes.

The recurring cast, on the other hand, is made up of:

  • Armando Espitia as Esteban
  • Fernando Becerril as Monsignor Benavent
  • José Sefami as Guillermo Prado
  • Young Florido: Jerome
  • Diana Lein as Valentina Blanco
  • Assyrian Abbate: Emilia Graviano
  • Orlando Urdaneta: Monsignor Agatho Zuliani

Gli Envoys (The Envoys) episodes

The TV series The Envoysalso known by its English-language title The Envoys or with the original title in Spanish, Los Enviados is currently composed of 1 season with 8 episodes which were streamed on Paramount+from September 15, 2022.

This intriguing and mysterious Mexican television series has fortunately been renewed: Paramount+ indeed announced the arrival of the season 2 for The Envoys.

The new episodes of the TV series known in Italian with the title of The Envoys may arrive between 2023 and the 2024.

The Envoys streaming ita

This article of mine has intrigued you and, therefore, you want to know where to see The Envoys in streaming ita or would you like to know where to see The Envoys in streaming sub ita? You wonder if, in Italyis available in stream up Netflix or if you can see free up Prime Videosby activating the 30 day trial version?

In this regard, as anticipated, currently, in Italythe TV series The Envoys and available in stream up Paramount+, his VOD service can be activated official site or usable also as Prime Video add-on channel.

However, if you are reading this article, you will no doubt be aware that distribution rights are subject to frequent change and that, therefore, it is often not known where to watch TV series (or movies) in streaming.

For this reason, if you want to stay up to date on where to see The Envoys in Italian or on where to watch episodes of The Envoys streaming sub itaI advise you to refer to the box of the stream which you find below. Good vision!


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The Envoys TV series: where to watch it in streaming |