The hoax is the PSOE

almost the same day as Santos Cerdán announced that the PSOE was going to create a secular inquisition against hoaxesthey take us to Coronalzórriz to explain to us that they are going to be the most voted party in the Navarra elections because a survey gives them a technical tie with UPN.

Well, very good, epic comeback from zero to one hundred in two days, a miracle that refutes all other surveys with no other basis than the supernatural, or one more of the socialist trolls made in Tezanos. Choose your own adventure, dear readers.

‘Committee against right-wing disinformation’, those who have surfed, for example, have baptized the thing, a pandemic at the blow of a committee of experts that never existed.

Remember the modus operandi. Sánchez came out and solemnly announced: the experts gathered in committee have decided that we do A. And who are the experts, please? You don’t want to argue with the experts, do you, denialist?

If you have seen the recommended Lars von Trier film ‘The boss of all this‘ You know what the pod is about. The owner of a company, when founding it, a president who does not exist is invented to hide behind him when I had to take unpopular measures.

Can you tell me who forms that committee, sir? Sanchezafter which he hides to make his decisions?

And here, at this point, the crickets chirped: crirí, crirí… which is to silence what those vegetable balls in cowboy movies are to desolation, abandonment, nothingness. There were never experts much less constituted in a working group. They confessed it later, when the alternative was to explain it to a judge: it was a hoax from the government.

Another one. Sánchez has a newspaper library, which he has not even bothered to delete, why, if lying has always been free, where he explained the opposite of what he has ended up doing with each decision he made. If he said that he would do A, he has ended up doing B. And if he said that, believe me, I will do C, what in the end came out in the BOE was D.

The paroxysm of the troll, the baroque apotheosis of the liethe mystical outburst including fanfare adorned with frills of the hoax, since we are in Navarra, was when he appeared to us on a TV here and, looking at the camera very seriously, told us that never, but never, he pledged his word, would they agree with the Eta party. It was the first thing they did so much Txibite as Sanchez, convert the Eta party into its legislature partners. And so with everything.

The PSOE, which has made the hoax its form of government, creating an office to fight hoaxes… which is like admitting that you are going to reject the truth, that the truth may be this time, finally, the socialist voter is stubborn but we all have a load limit, it is what hurts him, what can cost him votes , which causes them to lose socialists the armchairs, the soldadzos and Sánchezthe Moncloa.

Hopefully, as Jesus Christ sentenced, the truth will finally set us free, and as Serrat also says about her, there is no remedy… for Sánchez, getting him out of our lives once and for all. And that’s it.

The hoax is the PSOE