The horror movie on TV: “The Conjuring” Friday 16 September 2022

The horror film tonight on TV: “The Conjuring – The Enfeld case” Friday 16 September 2022 at 9.15 pm on Italia 2 (Canale 49)The Conjuring – The Enfield case (The Conjuring 2) it’s a movie of the 2016 co-written, co-produced and directed by James Wan and performed by Vera Farmiga And Patrick Wilson.

It is a sequel of the horror movie supernatural of 2013 The Conjuring – The evocationand the third chapter ofhomonymous film series. The facts narrated take place in the London of the seventies, and are known as the Enfield’s poltergeist.

The edition home video was released under the title The Conjuring 2 – The Enfield case.

1976, Amityville. Ed and Lorraine Warren they were called by Catholic church to confirm or deny that the Lutz family home – which left their home two months earlier due to strange presences – is indeed haunted by spirits; in support of the Lutz words is the testimony given in court by Ronald DeFeo Jr. who killed his entire family in that house because he was driven by demonic presences. During the session, Lorraine has a vision in which she relives the DeFeo murders. In addition to this, she also manifests a terrifying demonic nun who with a nod indicates the death of Ed, mortally pierced by a wooden pole, in what appears to be a prophecy. The demon manifests itself to Lorraine on other occasions, and during one of them the woman violently scribbles her Bible in a trance state (the demon-nun persecutes Lorraine and appears in a dream to Ed, who also paints a portrait of her, since he was exorcised by the two spouses from the body of Maurice “French” following the events of the film The Nun – The vocation of evil).

In the 1977in the London borough from Enfieldthe Hodgson family, made up of mother Peggy and children Margaret, Janet, Johnny and Billy – their father abandoned them – lives paranormal experiences that mainly affect 11-year-old Janet, who suddenly sees herself struck by sleepwalking and begins to converse with the spirit of an elderly gentleman who insists that the house is his and that they must leave.

After the police intervention, the case attracts media attention: during an interview for a TV program, Janet is possessed by the spirit who reveals that his name is Bill Wilkins, that he is 72 years old and that he died in the living room on the armchair. Following the fact, the researcher Maurice Grosse is convinced that the girl is possessed, while the little one pretends for the para-psychologist Anita Gregory. But when Janet also shows signs of possession at the home of her neighbors, Peggy and Vic Nottingham, the Church asks the Warren for help.

During the Warren’s stay at the Hodgson mansion, Lorraine senses nothing but fear of the family, so Ed seats Janet in the chair where Wilkins died, has her hold water in her mouth to refute the ventriloquism, and summons the spirit. who, however, asks Ed and the others to turn around. Once everyone has turned their backs, Wilkins talks to Ed and before leaving Janet’s body he repeats a nonsense sentence; this event, however, is filmed by Anita Gregory and it is seen that Janet herself throws the objects across the room so the Warren leave.

While Janet confides to the brothers that she actually moved the objects on that occasion because the spirit threatened to kill her family if she didn’t make the Warrens leave, Ed puts together Wilkins’ two recorded messages, which alone they were meaningless, but once united you hear “help me, he won’t let me go”: Lorraine then has a vision of the Hodgson’s living room with Bill who, through a riddle, tells her how to stop the one who wants to take Janet. As soon as she recovers, Lorraine tells her husband that they have to run to Janet because Wilkins is just a pawn to something much stronger and more evil, which turns out to be the demon-nun, who managed to hide his presence from the Warren by controlling him. Wilkins’ spirit during the dialogue with Ed and the press interview (hesitating however when Ed showed his crucifix to what he believed to be Wilkins, who then came back briefly and uttered broken words, meaning “help let go” and ” not me “).

When they arrive at the Hodgsons, Ed runs into the house to help Janet but is attacked by the Crooked Man (another manifestation of the demon-nun). zoetrope of Billy, while, on the outside, Lorraine realizes with Ed’s help that in order to send the demon back to hell she has to pronounce his name, thus deciphering Wilkins’ riddle, who was too afraid to directly reveal the method to Lorraine . Trying to remember, she remembers that the scribbles she made on her Bible during one of her visions were the letters that spell the demon’s name. At this point, lightning strikes the tree in front of the house, splitting it so that only a spike of the trunk remains. Lorraine realizes then that this vision was a way to keep her away from Janet, on pain of Ed’s death, and so, while Ed and Janet are hovering outside the window just above the spike of the tree, Lorraine runs into the house and says the name. of the evil demon: Valak, the Defiler, the Blasphemer, the Marquis of the Serpents. The demon, weakened, returns to hell.

Back home, Ed puts Billy’s Zoetrope in the basement next to April’s music box and doll. Annabellethen returning from Lorraine.

A text reveals that Peggy lived the rest of her life in that house dying in 2003 in the same chair in which Wilkins had died forty years ago.

Direction from Michael Bully Herbig

With Vera Farmiga And Patrick Wilson


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The horror movie on TV: “The Conjuring” Friday 16 September 2022