The incredible physical change of the actor Misha Collins after leaving the role of Supernatural

The actor Misha Collins had one of the most important roles in the Supernatural series, where he was always helping the Winchester brothers. Now, two years after his departure, the star has had an incredible change that has helped him for his new roles.

The actor Misha Collins joined the cast of the series Supernatural in the fourth season as one of the angels that the Winchester brothers had to accept their existence. At first, it seemed like Collins and the other angels wouldn’t last more than a season or two. However, thanks to the popularity and acceptance of Collins it may be the reason why the angels have remained and made such an impact throughout most of the show. Now, two years after the end, the star seems to have definitively hung her wings and changed her appearance for her next projects.

As fans of Supernaturaloriginally, angels were supposed to they were going to be the main focus of seasons 4 and 5but fans of the show expected the angels to only make occasional appearances after the season 5 finale, just like all the other monsters the Winchesters encounter.

Castiel, played by Misha CollinsAn instant hit with fans, he proved to be the perfect balance of strength, sarcasm, and compassion, to the point of taking an interest in the Winchesters despite his divine calling. Castiel soon joined Sam (jared padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) as the third protagonist. Castiel has appeared in almost 150 episodes of the series, more than any other character aside from the Winchesters, and the love for him remains strong in the fandom.

Since the end of Supernatural in 2020, Misha Collins has continued working in several new projects to the delight of his fans. In 2021, Collins also appeared in all ten episodes of the first season of the podcast series Bridgewater. The podcast tells the fictional story of Collins as folklore professor Jeremy Bradshaw, who becomes embroiled in an investigation into the disappearance of his father. Curiously, a publication by the actor on his Instagram account surprised everyone with the appearance in which he was, ensuring that he had a very heavy day and with a very sad face.

Misha Collins is still active with new projects after Supernatural

Another of the great projects in which the actor is working belongs to the DC universe. In 2023, The C.W. will launch a new DC live-action series called Gotham Knights. Which will deal with Gotham City after the murder of Batman. Without Bruce Wayne patrolling the streets as the Dark Knight, Gotham is once again in chaos.

Honestly, Gotham has always been like this even when Batman was around, but after Bruce’s death, things have gotten even worse. Misha Collins has been cast to play Harvey Dent. Harvey is often portrayed as the youngest District Attorney Gotham has ever seen and is (at first) an exceptional man.

The incredible physical change of the actor Misha Collins after leaving the role of Supernatural