“The Köln Concert”, “At the margin”, “Par autan”… The shows to see this week!

“The Köln Concert” danced on stage, Tomohiro Maekawa, finally performed in France and grand finale at the Théâtre National de Bretagne… Here are the shows of the week!

The Köln Concertby Trajal Harrell

It is a project that tickles the imagination. Dance the The Köln Concert, Keith Jarrett’s cult record, an improvised moment of grace in the history of jazz, recorded at the Cologne Opera in 1975. The American choreographer Trajal Harrell performs with six dancers on as many piano benches , daring to associate the pieces of the American musician with four songs by Joni Mitchell, with influences borrowed from voguing and nō. Created during one of the 2020 lockdowns, The Köln Concert is a piece deliberately traversed by the problem of limiting physical contact: the artists form an ensemble while keeping a certain distance. So many intriguing aspects…

As part of the Festival d’Automne, at the Théâtre de la cité internationale, from December 29 to 3

At the marginby Tomohiro Maekawa

A major figure in Japanese theatre, Tomohiro Maekawa remains completely unknown in our latitudes for the simple reason that his plays have never been performed in France. Given to the Maison de la culture du Japon At the margin therefore represents an event in the program of the Festival d’Automne. The story, which mixes the supernatural and the influences of Buddhist philosophy, depicts the reunion of a man and a woman confronted with strange phenomena in a café. The extras will alternately embody clients, ghosts and old acquaintances… Also marked by the Covid-19, Tomohiro Maekawa depicts a Japanese society unable to deal with unexpected situations.

As part of the Autumn Festivalat the Maison de la culture du Japon in Paris, from November 22 to 26

The end of the TNB festival, in Rennes

Last chance to find out Our Loneliness, by Yannick Haenel (until Thursday November 24). The artist associated with the TNB – read by Marie-Sophie Ferdane – recounts with great finesse the impact of the trial of the attack on Charlie Hebdofor which he has been a columnist since 2015.

Our new favorite artist, Suzanne de Baecquepresent Stand up, a quasi-documentary piece where she depicts her career in the Miss Poitou-Charentes election. A delightful first show of humor and singularity (from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 November). Gaëlle Bourges revisits the place of models in a painting by Édouard Manet, redressing the injustices of art history. Given from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 November, the show is called (The Band) to Laura. Last but not least, François Tanguy will try to stage the wind, in a piece entitled By autanplayed until Saturday November 26 and where the decor moves and the unconscious takes over.

TNB Festival at the National Theater of Brittany until November 27

“The Köln Concert”, “At the margin”, “Par autan”… The shows to see this week! – Les Inrocks