“The Last Book”, the literary debut of Giancarlo Biserna


22 September 22 / Written by: Redazione

“The Last Book”, the literary debut of Giancarlo Biserna which tells of a new terrible lethal virus

“The Last Book” by Giancarlo Biserna is a profoundly current apocalyptic genre novel, because it speaks of the post-Covid era19 moving five years into the future, and focusing above all on the ethical and moral consequences of the pandemic. Unfortunately the world has learned nothing from so much suffering: both the lethal virus and the bloody war in Eastern Europe have only exacerbated the defects of human beings; all corruption, violence, intolerance and hatred thus become fertile ground for the proliferation of a new disease, of unknown and perhaps supernatural origin, and whose methods of contagion are in principle difficult to understand. This virus, carried by tiny insects called Zalek, shakes the world from its foundations and brings out a pressing need for radical change: the disease, in fact, seems to affect only those who do evil.

“He had no alternatives, he knew that for most human beings there was no longer any escape, they were no longer able to return to faith in God with their own strength, it was necessary that a” One “in their place play the game of chess fundamental for salvation and that “this One” win it for them. The abbot could do it because God had granted it to him, but he knew that if he lost to humanity there would only be crying and gnashing of teeth. This was the price of man’s true and only freedom, that of the “thousand and first chance” “

The time has therefore come to dust off the conscience, and to re-embrace true Christian values; however, there is an occult power, the World Masonic Order, which denies the faith and wants to annihilate Christianity and all those who rely on it. Powerful men are part of it and, gathered in Asumar, a place overlooking the sea at the farthest point of Sicily from the Continent, they plot the destruction of the Christian faith thanks to science, artificial intelligence and capitalism. Their first target is Father Peter Crowell, Abbot of the Monastery of Monte Manto, considered the first and true outpost of the resistance of Christianity. And it is precisely in Monte Manto that the extraordinary adventure of the protagonist, Amos, begins, unaware of being involved in the last, great war, and of being one of its main leaders together with the enigmatic Alba, an out of the ordinary woman. It will be an ideological battle, fought between science and faith, between earthly vaccines and spiritual vaccines, where Amos, although imperfect and sinful like all men, will become a sort of messianic figure, a bridge between the divine and the human.

With a refined and at times cryptic writing, including literary citations and sacred texts, the author presents a novel in the novel: Amos is in fact writing his work entitled “The Last Book”, of which we can read excerpts, which will end to tell about his sacred mission amidst dangers, falls and deep awareness.

“The Last Book”, the literary debut of Giancarlo Biserna