‘The menu’ by Anya Taylor

To start 2023, Star Plus has prepared a special selection of movies and series that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. So make yourself comfortable because below we will tell you the most anticipated releases.

This year was full of great premieres both in cinema and in streamingbeing terror one of the most outstanding, for this reason Isaac Ezban, director of The evil eyehas shared his favorite titles in this category, being Predator: The Prey Y barbarian two of them, which you can find in star plus. However, not everything has to be blood and terrible slaughter, there were also fantastic stories like I’m your fan, look how they run Y Top Gun: Maverickwhich are already available on the platform.

Since the year is about to end, star plus prepared special premieres that you can enjoy alone or accompanied. So you better go prepare a warm blanket and choose your favorite reheated dish, because below we will tell you which will be the premieres that will arrive on the platform from January 1st. Remember that in addition to them you can also find other classics such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Mummy Y Hard to Kill.


star plus

From January 18 you can enjoy The menu, a satirical thriller starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult, which tells the story of a couple, Margot (Joy) and Tyler (Hoult), who travel to an island off the Pacific Northwest coast to dine at an exclusive restaurant, Hawthorn. World-renowned chef Julian Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) prepares a luxurious menu for a small group of special diners. As the evening goes by, the tension increases at all the tables, while secrets are revealed.


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For soccer lovers this will be a fun option. welcome to wrexham is a docuseries that reveals the problems of Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales in Great Britain known for being one of the biggest soccer fans. Rob McElhenney (I.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Ryan Reynolds (deadpool) come together to buy the Red Dragons club, a fifth division team that belongs to the oldest clubs in the world.

Both hope to move the team forward and show the world a story of overcoming against all odds. The problem? Rob and Ryan have no experience in soccer or working together, so in the series you will know all the challenges that these Hollywood stars face and you will be able to see it from January 18.


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Kaçis: terrorist escape is the first original series of the service streaming Produced in Turkey, which through 6 episodes follows the story of a war photographer named Mehmet (Engin Akyürek), who goes into the Ezidi village with other journalists, a pre-Islamic minority of Kurdish origin, which is being persecuted and massacred by jihadists in Iraq.

What they did not expect is that they would be captured by a terrorist organization. Under a constant threat of death, journalists will do whatever they can to survive. and, in this way, to be able to recount the horrors, abuses and deficiencies that those most affected by the warfare in the area are going through. The series will be available from January 4.


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This British comedy is set in a world where everyone over the age of 18 develops a superpower, everyone except Jen (Máiréad Tyers), who at 25 is still waiting for hers. The young woman will be absorbed by her insecurities, added to the fact that Luke, a boy she occasionally goes out with, has no intention of committing herself.

Along with her friend Carrie (Sofia Oxenham), Jen will find peace in a moment of despair and will undertake an old woman to help her discover her power. I Am Extraordinary, written by Emma Moran and directed by Toby McDonald (rag doll), will arrive on the platform from January 25.


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If you’re a fan of horror and suspense, you’ll probably be interested in this supernatural comedy for teens in which Darby Harper (Riele Downs), who after suffering an experience that nearly leaves her on the brink of death, gains the ability to see to the dead. As a result, he withdraws from his schoolmates and prefers to spend his time advising lonely spirits who have unfinished business on Earth.

Everything changes when Capri (Auli’i Cravalho), the most popular girl in school, dies unexpectedly in a freak accident with the hair straightener, causing her birthday party to be cancelled. Capri asks her to continue with the party, so the young woman will have to overcome her insecurities and begin to relate to her classmates. The series features the participation of Chosen Jacobs (ITEM), Asher Angel (Shazam!), Wayne Knight (Seinfeld), Derek Luke (13 Reasons Why) and Tony Danza (Who’s the Boss?), and is directed by Silas Howard (Dickinson). You can see it from January 27.

‘The menu’ by Anya Taylor-Joy and the January premieres on Star Plus