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Xavier Coste, a must in the world of comics

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Xavier Coste is an author and cartoonist of comics who knows a huge success during the publication of his work adapted from the novel 1984 of George Orwell. His goal is to surprise himself, in order to be sure to please his audience.

his album 1984with dark and mysterious designs, won the BD Fnac France Inter 2022 prize and continues to be greatly appreciated today by its readership.

A dehumanized story, where emotion has no place to exist, a lambda office worker sees himself being watched by everyone: authorities as neighbors. It is the day of his meeting with a woman that he will understand that something is wrong in this world and will see his life change completely.

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The author has a second success with The Man with the Lion’s Head, a story based on real events. When he finds the photo of a man with a face covered with hair, he decides to represent him and tell his story. Indeed, many atypical people were paraded in front of crowds in circuses throughout the 20e century.

In his story, Hector, the fairground beast, is the king of the marquee. During his tour of EUnited States, he discovers a new world which questions him about his future. Passionate about literature, he will try to seek his own happiness before pleasing others.


Xavier Coste’s ideal cartoon library

The Last Queen – Jean-Marc Rochette (Casterman)

A poignant story that won the heart of our author thanks to his moving story, that of an encounter between a broken face from the Great War and a young sculptor of faces in the making.

The Last Queen recounts the life of Edouard, a veteran of the 1914 war, having kept the aftermath of his fight. He meets a young sculptor who decides to model a face for him and introduce him to her world. To thank her, he will tell her the story of the last bear he saw die. Together, they will write their adventure by encouraging Jeanne to create a masterpiece that will help her to make herself known and, thus, to start in the world of artists.

Jean-Marc Rochette managed to fill his audience with the beauty and sweetness of his historical stories and with his drawings whose lines are hard but show a certain light in the expressions.

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The trumpets of death – Simon Bournel-Bosson (L’agrume)

With contemporary subjects, Simon Bournel Bosson succeeds in formalizing a complicity between his text and his reader, while maintaining a realism in the facts told.

A young boy, Antoine, lives with his grandparents in the middle of the forest. His grandfather pays him no attention while his grandmother showers him with love. Desperately waiting for news from his parents, he goes to accompany his grandfather in mushroom picking. It is then that everything changes and time sees itself being accelerated for the young child.

A wall between two eras, an important link with nature and a dangerous relationship with hunting: Trumpets of Death combines two opposite generations in their beliefs and traditions and brings renewal to the sensitive world in which we live.


Hide and Seek: Staff – Emmanuel Lepage (Futuropolis)

It is a return to the sources for Emmanuel LePage with a book recounting childhood and family memories. Hide and Seek Stick is an autobiographical comic strip mixing unanswered questions and heavy secrets. An impromptu event occurs in the author’s family: his parents bond with 5 other left-wing Christian couples to create a community. Affected by this change, he retraces his life, questions his past, listens and rediscovers memories. It ventures into the social history of the 1960s and 1970s and aims to put these things in the clear.


Human, too human – Catherine Meurisse (Dargaud)

For Catherine Meurisse, it’s time to break the philosophical codes, to let his imagination take over and give humor to his story, as classic as it is historical. She was able to render scenes, acts and humorous words, regardless of the author.

Human, too human is inspired by philosophical concepts: from Simone Veil to Socrates, with a touch of Rousseau, everything is ready to destabilize its readers.

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Kiss the Sky, Volume 1: Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970 – Jean-Michel Dupont, Mezzo (Glénat)

From a difficult childhood to a global and memorable success, this is the story that Jean Michel Dupont tells us by highlighting frenzied guitar tunes for an injured kid. Kiss the Sky retraces the life of a legendary artist who did not necessarily have a calm and peaceful life.

Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970, a dark and humiliating time for this young boy tormented by his demons. A first part showing the beginnings of the great international star tracing his own musical itinerary, while meeting legends. A book containing magnificent illustrations of Mezzo sure to please Rock n’Roll fans.


The Midnight Order – Mathieu Bablet, Collectif Label 619 (Rue De Sèvres)

It’s time for the witch hunt where pity and feelings don’t matter. A supernatural and fantastic story that Matthew Bablet lined with confrontations as we like them. In The Midnight Order, two members of the Order of Midnight have a mission: to find the most dangerous and evil witches. With their strength, they put themselves in danger and risk affecting the rest of the world. To stop them, you have to cut off their hands containing powers. It has become a daily occurrence for our hunters, until the day when Johnson learns that he will have to hunt his own sister. It is then that begins an inner fight and terrible questions for any person: what choice will he have to make? Save the world or his dear sister?


Revolution, Volume 2: Equality Book 1 – Florent Grouazel, Younn Locard, Thierry Groensteen (Actes Sud)

Equality Book 1, the second volume of the essential trilogy on a pivotal period in our country. Written by Florent Grouazel and Younn Locardthe saga in 4 volumes Revolution traces the important facts from 1789. In this cycle, we find the characters of the previous volume but also new historical figures. A return in our History of France.


Finding Jeanne – Zazie Tavitian, Caroline Péron (Calmann-Levy)

Finding Joan is a poignant and autobiographical story of Zazie Tavitian, journalist, who finds the recipe diary belonging to his Jewish great-grandmother deported by the Nazis during the Second World War. With the delicate illustrations of Caroline Peronthe author recounts her bond as well as her personal feelings by retracing the trips that her grandmother had made around the world. To through her recipes, she will discover good and bad memories, investigate with her loved ones and unravel the thread of silence that followed the disappearance of Jeanne Weill.


Magnum Generation(s) – Jean-David Morvan, Rafael Ortiz, Scietronc, Arnaud Locquet, Hiroyuki Ooshima (Caurette)

A photo agency created following the war, in 1947, which will become an icon in the world of photojournalism. Magnum Photos is committed to protecting war reporters who cover global conflicts so they can retain the rights to their masterpieces. With Magnum Generation(s), Jean-David Morvan writes a story showing the importance and the dangerousness of their work around the world in order to bring us answers, testimonials in pictures. With the intense and demonstrative drawings of Rafael Ortis, Sawtrunk, Arnaud Locquet and Hiroyuki Ooshimadiscover the experience and important actions of the greatest journalistic photographers of the 20e century.


Marilyn Monroe: Unfinished Confession – Stéphanie Sphyras, Sandrine Revel (Robert Laffont)

An image, a destiny, an emblem. Marilyn Monroe: Unfinished Confessions tells about the difficulties in the life of the actress, her success and her melancholy, all described in her memoirs. With her co-author, she returns to the star’s childhood memories as well as her cinematographic experience. This book, gracefully illustrated by Sandrine Revel and soberly written by Stéphanie Sphyras, confesses the life of the actress, the choices she was able to make as well as the feelings she had to hide to perpetuate her popularity. An icon of her time, a feminist symbol, despite her fragility: discover the light revolts imprinted with humor by the great Marilyn.


An English romance – Jean-Luc Fromental, Hyman Miles (Dupuis)

A story of love, sensuality and societal scandals. With An English romance, direction the London of the 60s. An osteopath has an impromptu meeting with a young dancer during one of his many social evenings. Madly in love with her, he will integrate her with the people of Haute in order to give her a chance to create a future in her milieu. She will notably meet the Minister of War, Profuno, who is linked to one of the biggest cases of the time: the Profuno affair. Espionage and sex, this scandal entered the history of England. Accompanied by drawings by Miles Hyman and the realism of Jean-Luc Fromentalrediscover the English bourgeoisie and the historical affairs of this beautiful country.


Vernon Subutex, Volume 2: Second part, Virginie Despentes, Luz (Albin Michel)

here is Second partand the last, of Vernon Subutexa comic book adaptation from the pen of Luzfrom the novel by Virginie Despentes. A legend, a holder of a heavy secret, the last living of his bygone world, Vernon is a former record store owner who ended up on the streets after losing his job. In search of new adventures, this volume marks the last appearance of his great imaginary friend, as well as that of all the others. Their last voyage is then announced. A new beginning, a new sense of self, it’s time to grow up and go dancing outside the city.


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