The most terrifying and dark phrases of the best stories of Edgar Allan Poe

Here we compile some of the famous phrases from Edgar Allan Poe’s best stories to pay tribute to his literary legacy.

A January 19, 1809 born Edgar Allan Poeconsidered one of the best exponents of horror story, Science fiction Y mystery. Reading Poe is entering a mind endowed with bright and beautiful images, but also macabre and morbid. Here we collect some of the famous phrases from the best stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

The themes that the Boston-born man touched on in his stories were quite dark, morbid, and fascinating: obsession, murder, supernatural events, ghoststhe resurrection, the vampiresthe plague, ethereal women, among many more.

The fall of the House of Usher

“I felt that an atmosphere of pain was in the air. An air of hard, deep and irremediable melancholy enveloped him and penetrated everything.

Why, I wondered, did Usher’s house make me feel so sad? I never found an answer.”

“Don’t you hear it? Yes, I hear it and I have heard it. A long, long time… many minutes, many hours, many days I have heard it, but I did not dare… Ah, pity me, wretched me! I didn’t dare… I didn’t dare to speak! We locked her alive in the grave!”.

the black cat

“I hanged him with tears in my eyes, my heart overflowing with the bitterest remorse. I hanged him because I knew that he had loved me, and because I recognized that he had given me no reason to be angry with him.”

“A moan, dull and broken at first, like the sobbing of a child, then rapidly growing into a long, high, continuous shriek, abnormal, inhuman, a howl, a cry of lamentation, half horror, half triumph…”

“I had walled the monster in the grave!”

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The crimes of morgue Street

“He likes riddles, hieroglyphs, and in solving them shows a degree of insight that, to other minds, seems supernatural.”

“No trace of Madame L’Espanaye was found; but as an abnormal amount of soot was noticed in the hearth, a search was made of the chimney, and—horrifying to say—the body of his daughter was extracted from it, which was positioned upside down and which had been introduced by the chimney. narrow opening to a considerable height. The body was still warm. When examining it, numerous abrasions were found on it, undoubtedly caused by the violence with which the body had been placed there and by the effort that had to be used to remove it.

“When the sailor looked inside, the terrible animal had seized Madame L’Espanaye by her hair, which, at that moment, was loose from combing her hair, and was moving the razor before her face imitating the gestures of a barber. The daughter lay motionless on the ground, fainted.”


“He pointed to my clothes: they were stained with mud and blood. I didn’t answer anything; she gently took my hand: it had human fingernail prints. He directed my attention to an object on the wall; I looked at it for a few minutes: it was a shovel. With a cry I ran to the table and grabbed the box. But I could not open it, and by my trembling he slipped out of my hands, and fell to the ground, and broke into pieces; and among these, colliding, rolled some dental surgery instruments, mixed with thirty-two tiny white ivory objects, which were scattered on the floor.

The Tell-Tale Heart

“But why do you say that I am crazy? The disease had sharpened my senses, instead of destroying or dulling them.

“The night progressed, while I carried out my work quickly, but in silence. First of all I dismembered the corpse. I cut the head, arms and legs. Then I lifted three planks from the floor of the room and hid the remains in the hole”.

“I suddenly heard a slight moan, and I knew it was the moan that comes from terror. He didn’t express pain or sorrow… oh no! It was the muffled sound that springs from the bottom of the soul when fear overwhelms it.

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The most terrifying and dark phrases of the best stories of Edgar Allan Poe