The most terrifying historical predictions that have come true

Weather debacles, the creation of modified fetuses and Wi-Fi dependency are among the scariest historical predictions that have come to pass.

Throughout history, there have been characters who claim to have a sense of clairvoyance: the supernatural ability to see the future. Nostradamus, Baba Vanga and some enlightened masters of Antiquity claimed to have it and, with it, they made historical predictions that scare us today. These are some of the most accurate.

The global climate emergency

Nostradamus is the icon of accurate historical predictions. Among the various catastrophes he anticipated in The Prophets, the book where he recorded his omens, the French astrologer announced the arrival of climate change in 1555. For him, it was no coincidence that the year of publication of his work ended in 555: the cabalic number of the change.

So he wrote it, with at least 460 years away from the contemporary world:

“Like the sun, the head will scorch the shining sea:
Live fish in the Black Sea will almost boil.
When Rhodes and Genoa
Half starved it will be
The local people to cut them will work hard.”

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Creating ‘lab babies’


The Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga dedicated herself for years to predicting cdisasters in the near future. All the horrible events that he announced have also come true in recent history. Among them, the attacks of September 11 and other sensitive terrorist attacks. Evengot the date of his own death right.

In addition to her historical predictions about war, the woman anticipated the creation of ‘lab babies’. Some historians argue that the closest thing to this is artificial insemination, as well as the artificial intelligence programs what modify the genetic information of the embryos to avoid some diseases.

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Alienation derived from distance communication

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Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the human being without communicating at a distance. However, at the time of activity of HG Wells there was only the mail, the telegraph and the telephone. For this reason, it is surprising how easily the writer resolved the distances between his characters using instruments thatand today we use daily. It was he who, in the 1920s, made the historical prediction of online services.

In When the Sleeper Wakesfrom 1899, the writer gave the first indications of a communication system similar to television, while in Men Like Godsof 1923, the inhabitants of a utopian society can only establish dialogues between them through a service similar to emailin which hundreds of written messages can accumulate in a tray at a distance, ready to be read at any time.

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Dependence on the internet

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Nikola Tesla was famous for his accurate historical predictions. The Serbian scientist, inventor and researcher predicted that, at the end of the century that he lived, human beings would depend on a network to “transmit wireless messages around the world“, as he told The New York Times in 1909, “so simply that any individual can own and operate their own device.”

More than a century before the internet existed, the inventor anticipated that excessive human need for wireless technology. It was so precise that, at the time, he referred to a system in which “We will be able to communicate with each other instantlyregardless of distance.” And he was right.

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