The new PS Plus games have arrived | All ready to face hordes of Demons

Like every month, Sony has recently announced the arrival of 10 new games that this January will enrich the catalog available to all users who subscribe to the Extra version of PlayStation Plus and beyond.

The new titles will hit the catalog on January 17, adding to the 3 games already available for download released for Plus members earlier this month.

The PlayStation Plus catalog is growing

The new format of PlayStation Plus was launched in June 2022, in the hopes of enticing PlayStation Plus members to upgrade to the Extra or Premium tiers, which have absorbed most of the old PlayStation Now library, now being continuously updated and expandedbut now let’s move on to video games.

Let’s start with the titles offered this month by the basic version of PS Plus, already ready for download for several days: that is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Axiom Verge 2 and Fallout 76. A greedy opportunity to try the much discussed Fallout 76 and above all recover Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one of the best games on the far distant galaxy whose sequel was recently announced: the release is scheduled for March this year. Now let’s move on to the new titles that will be added to the Extra version of the subscription.

The new games of the Extra catalogue

Between fighting games, shooters and hack and slash, the 10 new video games in this month’s Extra catalog will surely make many gamers happy:

  • Back 4 Blood | PS4, PS5: adrenaline pumping cooperative shooter first-person developed by a team that includes several creators of the acclaimed saga known as Left 4 Dead. The player will find himself at the center of a war against the Infested: humans transformed by a deadly parasite into terrifying creatures, determined to devour all that is left of the human race. With the extinction of all humanity at stake, you will have to declare war on the Infested and take back control of the world, even in the company of your friends if you want
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ | PS4: for many we talk about the best dragon ball themed fighting game never created since Budokai Tenkaichi 3. FighterZ represents the return of Akira Toriyama’s work in the world of fighting games in great style, offering a title characterized by a large and ever-expanding roster of fighters and a pleasant storyline.
  • Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition | PS5: Set five years after the events narrated in the fourth episode, in Devil May Cry 5, Dante, Nero and the new character V, will again be called to face hordes of demons in a series of hack and slash fightsto save the world from the lust for power of Urizen, a new and very powerful enemy.
  • Life is Strange | PS4: Interactive story that blends the teen drama and supernatural thriller genre set in the location of Arcadia Bay. The protagonist is Max Caulfield, a photography student at Blackwell Academy who discovers she can manipulate time to his liking. A difficult power to manage and which will allow the player to make various choices in order to survive everyday life, between absent parents, an old friend who returns, Chloe Price, and disturbances among the school desks.
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm | PS4: prequel to Life is Strange where we will play as Chloe Price. As in the previous chapter, we will explore the protagonist’s personal experience, lived between recklessness, disagreements with her parents and a turbulent friendship / love relationship with Rachel Amber, the most popular girl in Blackwell Academy. In Before the Storm the element that characterized the first title is missing, that is the possibility of manipulating time, thus tending more towards the teen drama by eliminating the supernatural element.
  • Jett: The Far Shore | PS4, PS5: the player, in the role of the reconnaissance Mei, will embark on an interstellar journey to ensure a future for a people haunted by oblivion. We’ll be the first to dip your foot in a planet completely covered by oceansto move in this open world we will have to take the helm of a “jett” and explore a vast unknown territory, skimming the waves, going up pristine coasts and crossing otherworldly forests.
  • Just cause 4:Reloaded | PS4: Rico Rodriguez returns to Solis, a large island in South America, to investigate Project Illapa with explosions: the cause of truly mysterious climate changes that cause catastrophic tornadoes and storms. Can a weapon change the weather by making it snow when it shouldn’t or by unleashing heavy sandstorms? Apparently atmospheric control is a reality and we, in the role of Rico, will have to fight it in this action with a sandbox nature.
  • Omno | PS4: single player journey to discover a ancient world, full of puzzles, secrets and obstacles to overcome, where the power of a lost civilization will lead the player to cross forests, deserts and tundras. A vibrant world filled with strange lifeforms, from cute little creatures to enigmatic giants and other weirdness.
  • Heather | PS4: live action interactive thriller where the player’s decisions will shape the narrative. In this title we will follow the story of Erica, a young woman tormented by nightmares of the murder of her father. When the traumatic events of her childhood are brought to light with new gruesome clues, it will be up to the player to discover the truth. Each choice made affects the development of the game, leading us to one of several possible endings.

If you have the full subscription, with Classics catalogue attached, know that they will also be added Star Wars Demolition, Siphon Filter 3 and Hot Shots Golf 2all games from the acclaimed PlayStation 1.

The new PS Plus games have arrived | All ready to face hordes of Demons –