The new series that you have to see before the end of the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are over, but that’s not why the novelties of the series stop. Rather, quite the opposite: a new year, new series, and among these the docuseries of Netflix on Bernie Madoffthe Wall Street monster responsible for one of the biggest economic scams in recent decades, and Copenhagen Cowboya fantastic thriller again with the Netflix seal and the attraction of having been directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. With this, other novelties that will lead you to stay hooked to the sofa throughout the weekend, such as thrillers The lady of the deadalso on Netflix or The RigIt’s in Amazon Prime. Premieres that are combined with the new seasons of old ones known as Happy Valley from Movistar Plus+which with its third batch of chapters comes to an end.

Madoff: The Wall Street Monster

Madoff: The Wall Street Monster (Netflix)
Netflix has released this Wednesday the miniseries Madoff: The Wall Street Monster. The production aims to uncover the truth about Bernie Madoff, guilty of the most important scam ever carried out in modern times. The documentary series offers exclusive access to whistleblowers, investigators and victims as well as previously unpublished statements by Madoff himself.

Copenhagen Cowboy (Netflix)
Highly addictive fantastic thriller. A woman with mysterious supernatural powers who has been sold as a human lucky charm her entire life decides to take revenge on those who have wronged her. Unquestionably, one of the most attractive series of all those that premiere this week, especially for having been directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, one of the most personal directors of contemporary cinema, responsible for feature films such as the trilogy pusher (1996, 2004 and 2005), bronson (2008), Valhalla Rising (2009) and Drive (2011).

Copenhagen Cowboy

Happy Valley (Movistar Plus+)
On Tuesday Movistar Plus+ premiered the third and final season of Happy Valley. A murder causes Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) to have a relationship again with Royce (James Norton), the psychopath who raped her daughter and caused her to end up committing suicide. The event forces the sergeant to reopen a wound that has not quite healed, while her retirement is on the horizon and she tries to come to terms with the idea that her grandson Ryan, now a 16-year-old teenager, wants to have a different relationship with hers. biological father, Royce himself. Catherine will do everything possible to keep her grandson away from the influence of Royce, desperate to contact her son from the prison where he is serving time.

The lying life of adults (Netflix)
This Wednesday has also arrived at Netflix The lying life of adults, a story come of age about the transition from childhood to adolescence of Giovanna, its protagonist. Series based on the popular homonymous novel by Elena Ferrantethe production takes us to Naples in the 90s. The impetuous and daring Aunt Vittoria (there’s always a cool aunt) helps her niece discover a different side of the city… something that angers the strict parents of the young woman.

The lady of the dead

The lady of the dead (Netflix)
A story about how far a passionate woman will go to avenge her husband’s death. Thriller based on the homonymous novel by Bernhard Aichnerwhile looking for the person responsible for the death of her husband, the protagonist ends up exposing the darkest secrets of the small community.

Wahl Street

Wahl Street (HBO Max)
HBO Max The second season of the series premiered this Thursday Wahl Street. As the world tries to return to the pandemic new normal, Mark Wahlberg he is more determined than ever to win back his business by taking on new risks. The protagonist will juggle professional and personal with daily top-level job requests.

The rig (Amazon Prime Video)
Amazon Prime Video premieres today Friday the supernatural production The rig. series of David McPherson is set on the Kinloch Bravo oil platform, off the coast of Scotland in the dangerous waters of the North Sea. When the crew has to return to the mainland, they encounter a mysterious fog that cuts them off from the outside world.

cloudy skies

cloudy skies (Filming)
filming premieres this Friday the documentary cloudy skies. The three-part documentary miniseries, an Israeli-German production, examines for the first time from an international perspective the plane crash that occurred in an Amsterdam neighborhood in October 1992. A Boeing 757 on the New York-Tel Aviv route with a stopover in the Dutch capital crashed into a block of flats. The flight was carrying no passengers, but 43 people from the houses died. Many of the survivors fell ill without an official explanation.

Star Wars: The Bad Consignment (Disney+)
Disney+ has added to its catalog this Wednesday the second season of the animation spin-off Star Wars: The Bad Consignment. A bad consignment of elite experimental clones try to make a place for themselves in a galaxy in constant evolution just as the first consequences of the evolution begin to be experienced. Clone Wars.

The new series that you have to see before the end of the Christmas holidays