The prophecies of three famous mystics about the end of the world

“Fifty or sixty years before 2000, Satan will be released from the chains for some time”

Different mystics they have had visions or interior phrasesthe apocalypticwhich represented the end of the world.

The prophecy of the Second World War?

In the early nineteenth century, the Augustinian nun Anne Catherine Emmerick(1774-1824) stigmatized and seer, reported the predictions that were communicated to her by the Supernatural during her mystical states: “… Fifty or sixty years before 2000, Satan will be released from the chains for some time … I was given the dates of many other events that I can’t remember. But a number of demons will be released long before Lucifer, so that they tempt men and serve as instruments of divine justice“.

From peasant to Augustinian

The blessed was born into a peasant family and could not attend school regularly as she had to work in the fields and help around the house. From an early age she had a deep desire to consecrate herself to God in religious life. As was the case at that time, several Congregations of nuns rejected her because she did not have the necessary financial dowry available to enter the monastery. Only in 1802 was she finally accepted in the Augustinian monastery of Agnetenberg near Dulmen and the following year she took religious vows.

The supernatural gifts

When the monastery was suppressed in 1811, Emmerick was welcomed in Dolmen as the servant of the priest Lambert who had fled the terrors of revolutionary France. After a short time, she began to experience the pains of the Passion of Christ and received the stigmata. Her voice of her supernatural gifts soon spread: intuitive knowledge of human hearts and the biblical mysteries of faith as well as the relics of the Saints, communion with the poor souls in Purgatory and participation with the spirit in the mysteries of the Hereafter; among other things, knowledge relating to the properties of medicinal herbs.

Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick, starting from 1799, feels the pains of the crown of thorns, accompanied by blood loss that took place every Friday. Then came pains in her hands and feet. Invisible at first, the stigmata eventually appeared on her body. Furthermore, a cross would make her appear on her chest; she doubled in size by Christmas time. Many priests and doctors came to visit her to verify the veracity of these wounds. One of the convent doctors tried to cure them, but never succeeded.

The converted poet

Many people began to visit her, receiving teachings and gestures of benevolence. From 1819 until the day of her passing, Emmerick’s visions were dictated by herself to the romantic poet. Clemens Brentano – who later converted to Catholicism – who sat almost interruptedly at the bedside of the ecstatic and carefully wrote down in sixteen thousand large sheets his biblical stories and mystical contemplations, comparable in some way to those of Maria De Agreda (1602-1655) or more recent Teresa Neumann(1898-1962).


The apparition of the Madonna

Regarding the final times, the Augustinian nun left several shocking testimonies: “I saw an apparition of the Mother of God who said that the tribulation would be very great. She added that people must pray fervently … Above all, they must pray that the Church of Darkness will abandon Rome“.

Virgen María, noche

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Gambling and alcohol in the church

The visions are indicative of an era of upheaval: “I saw a strange church that was being built against all rules … There were no angels to watch over the construction operations. In that church there was nothing that came from above … There were only divisions and chaos. It is probably a church of human creation, which follows the latest fashion … “;

I saw deplorable things: they were gambling, drinking and talking in church; they were also courting women. All sorts of abominations were perpetrated there. The priests allowed everything and said the Mass with great irreverence. I saw that few of them were still pious, and only a few had a sound view of things. All these things gave so much sadness “.


The vision of Elisabetta Canori Mora

Other contemporary mystics of Emmerick and our contemporaries have had visions and messages of the Virgin and Jesus of the same tenor, that is, apocalyptic or related to the end of the world.

The blessed Elisabetta Canori Mora (Rome, November 21, 1774 – Rome, February 5, 1825), prophesied: “…The sky will be covered with black clouds, a tremendous hurricane will rise, the legions of Hell will unleash … This time is not as far away as you think … “.


The Punishments of Anna Maria Taigi

The blessed Anna Maria Taigi (Siena, May 29, 1769 – Rome, June 9, 1837), for his part, prophesied thus on the presumed end of the world: “God will send two punishments: one in the form of wars and catastrophes and the other sent from Heaven. A darkness will fall on Earth that will last three days and three nights and the artificial light will not illuminate, only the light of the blessed candles will be possible … “.


The prophecies of three famous mystics about the end of the world