The Rig: The Horror on the Oil Rig from the Prime Video TV Series

Prhymes Videos inaugurates 2023 with the TV series The riga supernatural thriller set aboard an oil rig in the middle of nowhere in the North Sea.

John Strickland and Alex Holmes are the directors of the six episodes of the TV series The rigoffered exclusively by Prime Videos starting January 6. Supernatural thriller set on an oil rig, The rig takes us into North Seain a place cut off from the world, for a story that mixes danger, terror and personal dynamics, under the guidance of a first-rate cast led by the actor Martin Compston.

The plot of the TV series The Rig

The rig, the new Prime Video TV series, takes us inside the Kinloch Bravo oil platform. Here, the crew members find themselves fighting for their survival when a strange fog cuts off all communication and everyone finds themselves at the mercy of the terrible waves of the North Sea.

With help and supplies not arriving, Magnus, the manager of the facility, tries to cope with the unexpected crisis which, beyond external factors, undermines tranquility among the workers. However, all his efforts are in vain. Paranoia and tension build by the hour before the platforms systems go haywire and a devastating accident forces everyone to confront the deadly dangers of one of the most extreme environments on the planet.

Strange theories begin to emerge, which scientist Rose struggles to believe until she decides to understand firsthand what is behind the hypothetical evil forces that are working against. The more the desire to go home increases in everyone, the more that moment recedes. To get out alive from what is happening, it will take courage, heroism, sacrifice and strength to face the consequences of the paths that have all led there. However, the discovery of the extent of the force that has been awakened will cause everyone to realize that not only are in danger: those on land are also at great risk.

The original poster of the Prime Video TV series The rig.

Tensions and horrors

Working on an oil platform in the North Sea is not easy. Life is hard and difficulties are many. The protagonists of the TV series know this very well The rigcalled to confront a threat even more dangerous than usual and much more frightening because it does not belong to this world.

After a power failure, the Kinloch Bravo platform is shaking with strange tremors. All communications are down and a thick, anomalous fog envelops everything. One of the crew members was also seriously injured in an inexplicable way: “There is something out there” is the warning he gives to his companions. But what?

A series of strange events take place and no one has an explanation, not even the plant manager, Magnus MacMillan, played by Iain Glen, or communications manager Fulmer Hamilton, played by Martin Compston. As the son of a man who actually worked on an oil rig, Compston knows how suggestive the setting of the Prime Video TV series The Rig is: “An oil rig is by nature a quiet place. The same goes for Kinloch Bravo, before darkness and mystery takes over. As paranoia and dislikes mount, it becomes difficult to avoid each other: there are no places to hide.

One of the reasons for the tension is given by the two worlds that meet and collide on a platform. On the one hand, there is that of those who are called upon to manage it on dry land and in the mold. And, on the other hand, that of the workers who, outside, get their hands dirty and face emergencies. Fulmer straddles the two universes but is also in a relationship with scientist Rose Mason (Emily Hampshire), an oil company representative who is seen by all as a corporate cost cutter.

Among the other interpreters of the TV series Prime Video The rig Also noteworthy are the actors Mark Bonnar (as the foreman Alwyn Evans), Owen Teale (as the head driller Lars Hutton), Rchenda Sandall (as the doctor Cat Braithwaite) and Stuart McQuarrier (as the head chef Colin Murchison).

The Rig: Photos from the TV series

Martin Compston

Martin Compston

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Iain Glen

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Iain Glen

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