The Spanish basketball team will fight for the medals after signing a spectacular comeback against Finland

The Spanish basketball team is irreducible, a pure legend of continental basketball and qualified for its eleventh consecutive semifinal in a eurobasketball. He has never missed this round in the entire 21st century. Facing a combative Finnish team that came to dominate by 15 points in the first half, the team from Sergio Scariolo grew up to sign a period comeback commanded by the brothers Hernangomez Y Rudy Fernandez (100-90) .

Spain He arrived at his most complicated tournament without counting in practically anyone’s pools. Too many stars withdrawn or voluntarily removed from the selection. defeat against Belgium in the first phase to increase doubts. Everything has given the same at the moment of truth. Lithuania and Finland they have already bitten the dust in the eliminatory rounds and in the semifinals they are expected to Greece or Germany. willy (27 points), Juancho (fifteen), Brizuela (14) and Rudy (11, 5 steals and the two defining triples) weaved a memorable comeback in the quarterfinals.

Spain entered the game well, signing an 8-2 start driven by Willy Hernangomez against a nervous opponent who was committing losses. The mirage was one of the greats. The Norsemen knew they were facing the greatest opportunity in their history and soon became fiercely active. For ten minutes they erased Spain from the game taking advantage of the excess of attention on Lauri Markkanen. The companions of NBA They had learned their lesson well. The star complied and he had 28 points and 11 rebounds, but they were useless.

The spectacular part of Finland stretched to 14-35. Suddenly they were the clear dominators of the tie (22-37, min.13) and a caress from the goddess Fortuna was not lacking. Over the first quarter horn, Jantunen He scored an unlikely triple from his own field that ended up setting off the alarms in the hosts of Scariolo. If even the churros came in… Nor did the Finnish foreign success catch anyone by surprise. Everyone knew that it was his best weapon. Joy and 7/11 to put land in between.

With lorenzo brown closely guarded after his display in the round of 16 against Lithuaniathe Hernangomez they shared the mission of keeping the team afloat. willy led a 7-0 run that returned emotion to the duel (29-37, min. 16), but then it did appear Markkanen causing Finland will recover its maximum advantage (33-48). Juancho he took the witness from his brother to plug the wound before the break (43-52).

Shimmering Rudy

the duties of Spain in the middle of the game, they mainly tried to reduce the effectiveness of their rival and increase their own (3/16 in triples). That is, homework to be done in every inch of the field. The almost supernatural success of his adversary cannot be prolonged indefinitely either. Something had to change. And what if it changed. The partial in the second half was 57-38. The Spain irreducible, the one that always fights seen who wears his shirt, re-emerged when the fire burned the most.

With much more intense defense, willy mutated into the third brother gasoline Y Lawrence reclaiming the handle, Spain broke into the match with a partial 17-4. A triple by Joel Parra culminated it to turn the score around (60-57, min.26). Everyone believed again, the legs flew at another speed, already Finland he got the funk. Well everyone except Markkanen, who exhibited great star status to close the wound of his own. with triples of Rudy and Brizuela, Spain he reached the last quarter repeating his best performance, that distant +6 from the beginning (73-67).

The game reached maximum temperature and equality was suspected until the end. It was not so. The Hernangomez they were looking for a scoring partner and in the last quarter the figure of Dario Brizuela. The plug that he put willy a Markkanen it sounded like a sentence, although it was RudyThe eternal Rudy, who paved the way to the semifinals with two identical triples, both far away and at the limit of possession (95-84, min.38). The captain’s stripes. The last survivor of the great generation. Pure history of Spanish basketball destroying a tie with 37 years. Next Please.

The Spanish basketball team will fight for the medals after signing a spectacular comeback against Finland