The Triumph of Faith

We are so caught up in what we see, what we hear, what we feel that we tend to trust our natural senses more than our spiritual senses. Very often, we make ourselves feel guilty by accusing ourselves of a lack of faith when we do not succeed in an area.

PSALMS 27.1-4:

1 De David. L’Éternel est ma lumière et mon salut : De qui aurais-je crainte ? L’Éternel est le soutien de ma vie : De qui aurais-je peur ?
2 Quand des méchants s’avancent contre moi, Pour dévorer ma chair, Ce sont mes persécuteurs et mes ennemis Qui chancellent et tombent.
3 Si une armée se campait contre moi, Mon cœur n’aurait aucune crainte ; Si une guerre s’élevait contre moi, Je serais malgré cela plein de confiance.
4 Je demande à l’Éternel une chose, que je désire ardemment : Je voudrais habiter toute ma vie dans la maison de l’Éternel, Pour contempler la magnificence de l’Éternel Et pour admirer son temple.

In this psalm of David, the man after the heart of God, we can discover the relationship that David had with God:

1) shows us that David knew his God, he knew him intimately, a personal relationship;

2) that He had total or absolute confidence in God, absolute certainty of God’s authority.

He expresses his trust in God, he went through difficult periods, moments of great distress, but he kept the faith, because he knew that God was with him and was leading him to victory, to triumph.

He was certain, he was convinced, he had this certainty of the intervention, the protection, the deliverance of God. He is an example for us.

Difficult times are not necessarily a lack of faith, it is the lot of everyone. Everyone goes through hardships (health, unemployment, financial problems, family), but how do we react?

David was not afraid of the wicked, nor of the persecutors, nor even of an army. He always kept his trust in God despite these difficult times.

Trials have this ability not only to push our faith to its limits, but also to reveal its strength to us.

God is a God who triumphs.

We have to be persuaded, convinced that God is with us.

Even though our senses, our eyes tells us it’s impossible, we still walk and live by faith.

We need to stop trusting what we see and feel and believe that God is at work to rescue us.

How to keep the faith and triumph?

That’s the most important thing. The way to achieve victory or triumph is our faith. To remain in the faith and triumph, it is necessary:

1 Seek the presence of God

V4 “I would like to dwell all my life in the house of the Lord »

That’s my wish, David had that wish.

To live in the house is to spend time in the presence.

It is to step aside, to disconnect, to stay with God.

When I take time with God, I will know him more, discover his personality and my faith in him will grow.

The more we know God the more we can trust him.

We must take time to contemplate who God is. In his presence, there are things that happen.

There’s all kinds of things that happen in the presence of God

V8 “My heart says of you: Seek my face! I seek your face, O Lord.”

The value of faith lies in the person we trust.

It is impossible to have a faith that triumphs without knowing the Lord.

David had this longing for the presence of God.

Psalms 119 V 164 “Seven times a day I praise you, because of the laws of your justice”

David loved the presence of God, he cherished these times with God and he left strengthened, restored and with this certainty that his faith in God allowed him to achieve victory, to triumph.

2 read and meditate on the word of God


“Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ”

True faith comes by hearing the word of God

The more we read and meditate on the word of God, the more we know him and the more we believe in his promises without doubting, without reasoning.

For our faith to be firm, we must believe everything that the word of God says.

The word of God is full of promise on which we must believe and rely without doubt.

If our faith is based on the word of God, we can be assured of our victory or triumph.

3 Putting the word or action into practice

JAMES 1 V 22

“Do the word and do not just listen to it, deceiving yourself with false reasonings, for if anyone listens to the word and does not do it, he is like a man who looks in a mirror his natural face, and which after having looked at itself, goes away and immediately forgets what it was, but he who will have plunged his gaze into the perfect law, the law of freedom, and who will have persevered, n ‘not being a forgetful listener, but putting himself to work, he will be happy in his activity’

These verses have said it all, they speak for themselves. If we don’t act nothing will happen

We don’t need to beg God. The woman with the issue of blood in

MARC 5V 24-30 didn’t look at the obstacles, she didn’t just say “if I could touch the hem of Jesus’ garment”. She acted,; she braved the crowd and stood up for her purpose, her healing, she acted by faith.

JAMES 2V 14, 18, 22

“What good is it for someone to say he has faith if he does not have works?… »

Defeat or victory depends on what we do. We receive or do not receive because of our deeds.

4 Receive

MARK 5 V29-30 the story of the woman with the issue of blood, after having touched, from behind, the garment of Jesus

“At the same moment the loss of blood stopped and she felt in her body that she was cured of her illness; Jesus immediately knew in himself that a force had gone out of him…”

This same force, this divine power is always at work, it is our faith that gives it free rein and makes it act.

By faith, we too can tap into the omnipresent power of God.

The Holy Spirit is at work, we just need to connect to it by faith to triumph.


1 JEANS 5 V4

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world, and the victory that overcomes the world is our faith”

We are born of God so we can overcome. When our faith is anchored in God who has never failed in his promises, we are assured of victory. God is the God of the supernatural trust him. Do we need more faith to overcome or know the Lord more?

Our Faith Becomes Triumphant When We Know More About God

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