The TV press, it still works!

Le Figaro and Le Parisien have decided to join forces to launch a TV program supplement

That two dailies join forces is already an event in itself… So when, in addition, it’s to release a TV magazine, it’s almost supernatural.

From January, “Le Figaro TV Magazine” and “Le Parisien TV Magazine” will be distributed in addition to the weekend editions of the two newspapers.

Two magazines… But you have understood: only the name will change.

There you will find TV programs with obviously in addition, a guide to everything you find on Netflix, Amazon, Disney and company.

Le Figaro and Le Parisien hope to distribute 530,000 copies of their new magazine

But Cyril, does the TV press still work?

I know that you have terminated your subscription to Télé Poche Nicolas, and you are not the only one… but yes, the TV press is still resisting the crisis that has hit the sector for several years.

Of course, she also lost subscribers and readers… but she retains her faithful.

Télé 7 Jours, Télé Z, Télé Star, Télé 2 Semaines, Télé Loisirs, Télérama history, even your good old Télé Poche still exists! The list is not exhaustive…

And I told you, it still attracts people: the sector leader Télé 7 Jours is broadcast every week to more than 850,000 numbers! It is quite simply the most widely distributed magazine in France.

A remarkable performance but which is not necessarily a surprise. This press specializing in TV programs is a French specificity… Moreover, it is these titles that monopolize the rankings of the best-selling weekly magazines in our country.

Proof if it were still necessary that the demand exists…

A group of around fifty regional dailies is preparing to launch its own weekly: Diverto. They hope to sell more than 3 million!

The strength of the PQR!

And why is it always liked this kind of magazines?

Well because even in the age of platforms, we need a guide. And I would even say: even more in the age of platforms!

A few years ago, an American study revealed that we spent 18 minutes a day choosing what to watch on Netflix. 18 minutes! !

It was twice as long as the time spent choosing a program on a traditional cable channel.

The downside of an increasingly extensive catalog… and the fear for users of missing out on THE series of the moment.

So if Generation Z trusts their friends and social networks to know what to watch… another, older audience trusts… TV programs!

These magazines are a kind of Proust madeleine, a comforter, a landmark in this changing world

As for publishers, this TV press has a very big advantage: it is a formidable advertising medium.

Advertisers continue to rush there to reach a large audience… family… spread all over France… not very Parisian… and above all a very loyal audience! Symbol of this press at the heart of French life: several of these magazines can be found at supermarket checkouts.

Her big problem in the TV press is that her readers are aging and she has not yet found the recipe to rejuvenate her audience.

The TV press, it still works!